Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Missy's Fourth Birthday

Forgive me for not blogging much of late, I've been preoccupied with Missy's fourth birthday.  Insanely we decided that as we'd done a party at home for Buster's fourth birthday that it would be a sinch to do it all over again for Missy forgetting that we're almost a decade older, our house has less room now that we have a fourth member of the family and we have more friends with children than we did back then.

That said she had a brilliant weekend and that more than makes up for the exhaustion, grey hairs and bruises.

I'll try and sum up the highlights as briefly as I can as I know stories involving other people's kids are quite often yawnsome

Missy loves the film The Wizard of Oz so we decided on that as the theme for the party so I made some suitably Oz invitations involving lots of green and red glitter and sent them out.

One of Missy's favourite activities at present is dressing up. She has a cupboard in her bedroom dedicated to this hobby so I thought it only right and proper that she dress as Dorothy Gale for the occasion and during the clothing sale at my local supermarket I snapped up a blue gingham school summer dress for the princely sum of £2.50 and butchered it to make the dress.  I added some blue ric rac braiding to a white t-shirt she already had and a pretty red tutu that she'd kindly inherited from Mrs D's little one (thanks again Mrs D), so I only really had to purchase some ruby slippers which I got super cheap off the t'interweb.
I initially wanted baskets as party bags but this proved problematic as the only baskets I could find were either too small or too big so I settled for some blue gingham print party boxes
which I personalised with a photoshopped image of Missy as Dorothy
I then set about a spot of baking
Making a Wizard of Oz inspired cake for the party

and a traditional princess cake for the family get together we were having the following day
I constructed a few themed props to decorate the house
Ironically our bell is actually out of order
Squashed witch
Melted witch.

I borrowed a load of pretty bunting balls that my sister had bought to decorate the marquee at her wedding, very Munchkin Land-esque
and made a tin man for a game of pin the heart on the tin man, here's Missy all dressed up taking her turn.
Missy had a great time and even received a couple of themed gifts, this scanimation book of the movie from Nanny
and this cute little bag with a ruby slippers print from the lovely Mrs Z
Happy Fourth Birthday Missy! xx

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Preserving and Conserving

It's that time of year again, the days are getting shorter, so what better way to spend the long evenings in than preserving.

I've made my annual Bramble Jelly stockpile from the blackberries that we picked last month and some more Green Tomato Chutney, although I added some chilli for a bit of a kick this year.  I also made some Damson Jelly and some Fig Conserve from the three kilos of figs my mum gave me from her tree!

I love the colour combination of figs
Here they are all ready for boiling up
The finished jars
My sister gave me a big bag of apples from her tree (as well as the munchkins, chard and corn cobs) so I made some apple sauce, pork for dinner this Sunday I reckon, followed by some cheese and chutney

Monday, 4 November 2013

Munchkin Soup

My sister is having her kitchen gutted but sadly had no kitchen at all just as all her lovely munchkins were ripening so a visit to her allotment proved rather fruitful for me as she gave me a load of the little blighters
The butternut squashes that we planted in our little veg patch in the garden were ready at the same time so I made a load of soup from the lot of them
Our local walled garden had some corkers, this one wouldn't have been out of place in Cinderella
I love the colour of the finished soup, doesn't come across so well on my phone but then again neither does the taste so you'll have to just take my word for it.
Do you think Missy will be devastated if I chop this baby up now Halloween is over and make another batch?
 Perhaps I'll serve it in this?

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