Monday, 29 April 2013

This Week's Junk Shop Jewels

Hey! You know the drill, junk and lots of it.

First up a Midwinter Spanish Garden oval platter (£2)
Groovy 1970s coffee cup (50p)
More vintage linens, a double sheet, a pillowcase and what I presume to be a bolster cushion cover (£6 the lot)
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Friday, 26 April 2013

BUTTON Mushroom or ToadSTOOL?

This weeny footstool has sat in my bathroom for about a decade, it really is tiny, visiting children often try to sit on it and my own kids have even tried to use it as a step stool for cleaning their teeth but to no avail.  

I bought it in a charity shop with a view to doing something with it and after all these years I finally did
I made it into a toadstool.  
I covered the seat with foam and a few layers of wadding, stretched over a remnant of red cotton I had in my stash and staple-gunned it to the underside.  I glued a length of red ribbon around to cover the unsightly staples and then turned my attention to the decoration.  I have so many vintage buttons just sitting doing now't in my button box that I thought I'd showcase some of the white ones as the spots atop the toadstool.  Cute as a button!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Cakey, Cakey - Buster's 11th Birthday Cake

Buster turned 11(shocking, surely I'm too young?!) last month and he requested an Adventure Time themed cake and here it is...
If you've never crossed paths with Finn and Jake then you're missing a treat, here's a snippet that never fails to give Buster and I a fit of the giggles

Monday, 22 April 2013

This Week's Junk Shop Jewels

I've spent the two weeks of the Easter hols decluttering my house.  I finally faced up to the 13 years of crap we'd amassed since moving here that we kept shoving into the loft with a view to dealing with it another day.  Well that day came and after four car loads to the reuse centre and two trips to the local recycling centre I feel as though a (considerable) weight has been lifted from my (and my house's) shoulders.  

I didn't stop there, after the two days it took me to empty the crap from the loft I spent a further three days sorting out the kitchen, under the stairs, the study area, the master bedroom and Missy's room.  

So what am I writing about now that I have a new sleek, streamlined, organised home?  Yes, you guessed it, more junk to fill all the new-found space!

Starting off with an Easter feel with this cute little pink ceramic bunny
but he's not just any bunny, he does have a practical purpose, he houses cotton wool balls on my dressing table, how charming that he dispenses these through his arse (£6)
I very rarely buy clothes at charity shops, not because I have an aversion more because I already have way too many (the dressing room is next on my decluttering hit list, I promise)
but I spotted this dress from afar and was delighted at the little robin print that presented itself upon closer inspection (£6.99)
Finally this week two wooden vintage coat hangers.  I loved the shape of the bottom one and the top one is ideal for me to have a go at making a crochet cover for (20p each)
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Friday, 19 April 2013

4 Dresses

Missy was invited to a friend's birthday party a couple of weeks back and instead of choosing a frou-frou number to wear she opted for a gorgeous pinafore dress made from pink 1970s vintage sheet fabric that my sister, knowing I have an obsession with groovy flower power prints, had bought for her last year.  

She got so many complements from the other mums at the party that I got to thinking that I might try my hand at making a similar dress from some of the vintage bed linens I've been collecting over the last year or so.
I'd never made a dress before so I used the original party dress as a template, taking note of how it was constructed, and set to work making a paper pattern.  The dress worked up really quickly on my trusty machine, I even managed to work out how to line the dress and added some vintage buttons to cover the press studs 
 and a pretty crocheted trim to the hem.
I was so pleased with the result that I made a second dress from a vintage sheet 
 A third from some 80s My Little Pony curtain fabric I got from a car boot sale last summer
 and a fourth from some retro paper dolly fabric I had that wasn't doing much
I think Missy now associates sheets with dresses as she saw me with a recent charity shop bed linen purchase and asked if I could make her another dress out of it, I'm sorry lady but you're going to have to get in the queue as I'd like to try and make myself something pretty this time round!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

This Won't Take Up Too Mushroom

Mrs D has recently turned her daughter's nursery into a fully fledged little girl's room with a woodland theme so I decided to make something in keeping as an Easter gift and here it is, a little crocheted toadstool garland

Monday, 15 April 2013

This Week's Junk Shop Jewels - Sunbury Antiques Market Special

During the Easter holidays my sister invited me to accompany her to the Sunbury Antiques Market, she even arranged a babysitter!

Sunbury Antiques Market is held at Kempton Racecourse twice a month and although we attended on a damp and dismal morning there were still loads of stallholders and customers in attendance.

This market is not for the fainthearted as it starts at 6.30am and I would recommend getting there as early as you can to bag the best stuff but on the plus side there's plentiful free parking and unlike other big antiques markets of this kind there's no entry fee!

Most of the stalls are outside but there are a couple of indoor areas so you can shelter from the elements and still buy, buy, buy!

Cue the arty shots...
 There were people (and dogs) from all walks of life
and there truly was something for everyone, no matter how poor your taste
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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Prima Princessa Presents Sleeping Beauty - GIVEAWAY


Those lovely ladies at Prima Princessa asked if I'd like to review their latest offering and as Missy is still obsessed with everything dance and Mr Right and I recently went to see (and loved) Matthew Bourne's Sleeping Beauty it was a no brainer.
We previously reviewed The Nutcracker and Sleeping Beauty is very much in the same vein featuring excerpts from a real live performance spliced with simple explanations of the story, just enough to hold a three year old's attention and help her understand what's going on, although she's rather familiar with this tale as it's one of her favourite bedtime stories at the moment.

Again this is an American DVD that has been remastered for the UK, which pleases me greatly as there are hardly any American accents to be heard, something I'm finding it increasingly difficult to avoid with our regular TV and DVD viewing.

An animated fairy (Prima Princessa) guides you through the performance and through some simple ballet steps, which Missy tried to emulate.  Each step is repeated a couple of times which saved my rewind trigger finger plus I think children find repetition an aid to learning.  Missy found the way that some of the steps are reiterated by animals in nature hilarious, our particular favourite this time round is the little dog doing his very best releve
There are some lovely sequences of the ballet along with the instantly recognisable classical music by Tchaikovsky and Missy danced her little socks off with butterfly wings natch

This DVD would make an ideal gift for the little ballerina wannabe in your life and is available from Amazon here or, if you'd prefer, the lovely people at Prima Princessa are putting a copy up for grabs, all you have to do to be in with a shout of winning it is be a UK resident aged 18 or over and follow the Rafflecopter instructions below but be quick as the giveaway closes at midnight on Sunday 14th April 2013.

The winner will be chosen by Rafflecopter and the prize will be sent out by Prima Princessa direct

Disclosure:  I was given a free copy of the DVD for review purposes.

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Tate and Lyle Tasting House

You know those "follow and RT" competitions you always see on Twitter?  Well I only went and bloomin' won one!  And what a comp to win.  Up for grabs were 50 pairs of tickets to the Tate and Lyle Tasting House.

Basically Tate and Lyle (the sugar people) have a range of eight new sugars coming out and had created a Willy Wonka-esque wonderland where pretty much everything inside a beautiful Georgian town house in Soho was edible.

Each of the rooms in the house had a different theme, pertaining to one of the new sugars, containing all manner of sweet treats just crying out to be eaten.  Although I had been to the dentist that morning to have a filling that had fallen out replaced, talk about ironic!  Somehow I soldiered on and stuffed down all manner of sweet treats, so many so that both Mr Right and I had banging headaches all afternoon, not to mention having developed Type 2 Diabetes!

I'll let some of my pictures do the talking (alas I've not yet worked out how to upload pics from the spiffy new camera Mr Right gifted me for Christmas so you'll have to put up with these dimly lit smart phone offerings) as I've not learnt my lesson and my mouth is currently full of yummy Easter chocolate, my dentist is gonna kill me if he reads this!

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