Saturday, 5 October 2013

Buster's Prom

Buster has now gone into Year 7 and in our area that means moving on to high school and, as a consequence, saying farewell to the little primary school at the end of our road that's been our home for the last seven years (sob).  

It really is tiny (one class per year group) and it's housed in a gorgeous old school building constructed in 1915 which feels more like a house than a school and that's really what it's been, a little family.  Being such a small school means that the kids are quite a close knit group and a few of the mums (myself included) wanted to give them a wonderful send-off so we volunteered to chip in decorating the hall and making and baking stuff for the Hollywood themed prom.

I made and baked quite a few bits so I'll share what I did with you now.

I decided to bake some cupcakes (standard) and what better way to encapsulate the theme than mini tubs of popcorn.  I printed out some cupcake wrappers and cut them out to fit round the paper cases, in which I baked some vanilla cupcakes, which I then topped with a dollop of buttercream icing and decorated with some white mini marshmallows that I painted with food colouring to make them look like popped popcorn kernels.
Here they are all stacked up and ready for the hungry masses.
I got to thinking about Hollywood and Oscar night and the goody bags that the celebs get given during that uber glamorous event, I'm afraid my budget for thirty kids wouldn't run to holidays, designer handbags and ipads but I think they appreciated the themed items 
that I put into the popcorn bags I found on an internet party supply site.
Here are all thirty of them finished and ready for the off
There's a current trend at weddings and parties for photo booths so I made a load of props 
and had a friend cut me out some speech bubbles from wood (thanks Mr M!) which I painted with blackboard paint so the kids could pose and take pics of each other during the festivities.
Finally I put together a photo board of all the class photos over the seven years so the kids could have a laugh at how much they've changed and reminisce about the classmates and staff who've come and gone, although by all accounts this went down equally well with the parents
Buster and his friends had a great night walking up the red carpet, surrounded by stars with a picture of each child in a walk of fame style
They enjoyed a glass of fizz
a meal
and danced the night away in their gorgeous outfits.  Buster had decided he wanted to go all out and wore a tuxedo complete with bow tie and cufflinks (clapperboards natch).  He said that his catchphrase for the night was "I'm looking luxe in my tux", here he is getting papped by Missy with her camera.


  1. Wow what a lovely experience for them. Love mall of your handmade touches. Those cupcakes look amazing!

  2. Sounds like a fantastic send off!
    I love the idea of displaying all the class photo's.

    1. Thanks, a simple idea that provoked a lot of emotion and conversation


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