Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Busy Doing Nothing

Hello, it's me, is there anybody still there?

The school summer holidays seriously hampered my creativity, thrifting and, consequently, my blogging but I'm tentatively dipping my toe back in the water now that Buster has settled in at high school(!) and Missy is in the process of settling into her new nursery.

July was an emotional month, Buster had his Year 6 leavers' assembly, many tears were shed, and prom (more on that in another post) and the summer hols commenced.  And what a glorious summer we had.  We even managed a couple of trips away, one as a family and one just me and the Mr to celebrate our 20th anniversary together.

I spent a week whilst the kids were away with their grandparents reorganising and redecorating Buster's bedroom, transforming it from a little boy's room into a teen's room (again, I'm sure I'll touch on that in the coming weeks).

I've been baking (natch) and preserving my little socks off so I'm sure there'll be a bit of that chucked in for good measure during my catch-up posts too.

I also turned another year older, Mr Right bought me a ukulele and I've been trying to master some chords and notes and, despite not being able to read music, it's pleasingly easier than I thought.

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