Thursday, 17 October 2013

Buster's Bedroom Makeover

For the last year we've been promising Buster that during the summer hols we'd give his bedroom a makeover more befitting of a high school student.  His room was last decorated when he was four (he's eleven now) with a space theme.

This time round we went for a more grown-up video game theme.  Buster chose the colour of the walls, a deep purple and, having spent two days with him decluttering (why do kid's keep hold of so much crap?), I set to work whilst he and his sister were helpfully out of the way for a week with my parents.

In preparation I chiseled about a million glow in the dark stars off his ceiling and repainted it, repainted all the gloss work and stripped, filled and painted the walls.  Then it was on to the fun stuff. 

He had an old blue locker and the desk and chair I revamped for him a couple of years ago that were staying  
I sold his high sleeper on eBay and purchased a black metal bed frame and mattress.
Sadly I couldn't find any suitable themed bed linen that we liked so just bought a couple of sets of plain coloured stuff so we could mix and match and found a Pac Man throw to go over it on the internet
Next have started doing a collection of fab metal locker style furniture that went well with the existing blue locker we had so I purchased a chest of drawers to house some of his clothes and his new TV, games console and Pac Man ghost lamp
We decided to keep Buster's metal effect flooring but he wanted to soften the look and make the room a bit more cosy, so when I spotted this great Space Invaders rug on a shopping trip I knew that it would be the perfect addition to the room
On his bedside table there's a Tetris lamp
You can really move the pieces around and it still lights up
Here's a close-up of the aforementioned Pac Man ghost lamp, it's remote controlled and colour-changing!
I bought an old printers tray at a vintage sale last year and Buster really liked it, so I gifted it to him for his room so he can display his (many) Lego mini figures, switching them about when he gets bored of the current grouping or when they release a new series
I'd seen this idea on Pinterest, a mother had a jar in her laundry room of all the items she'd found in her son's pockets when she'd checked them before putting the items in the washing machine and presented it to him on his wedding day.  Whilst sorting out all the hoarded rubbish before the makeover I put aside all the little trinkets he'd stashed, badges, whistles, mini novelty toys and figurines, bouncy balls and such like and placed them all in this massive storage jar I had knocking about for display on his shelves
I painted the chimney breast with blackboard paint and added a Pac Man mirror decal to the top and wrote him a welcome home message
And finally I went into the loft and located his well used Radio Flyer that my sister had lugged across America for him as a toddler when she'd been backpacking.  I know it's not really part of the theme but I do so love it and it was a shame to have it shut away not being appreciated.
All in all the week's worth of hard labour was worth it as he has a great new pad to hang out in, in fact I might kick him out of there and move in myself.


  1. Fabulous - I love that lamp!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. wow! gorgeous room. I bet you have trouble getting him out of there xx

    1. Thanks Karen, coming from the queen of interiors that's an uber complement.

      Yes, I never see him these days *sad face*


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