Monday, 7 October 2013

Bags Of Lavender

As the weather now has brought that real autumnal nip to the air I've put away the garden furniture and in doing so was transported back to beginning of the school hols when Buster was away with his new high school on a transition trip to Chessington and we decided to take Missy off to a local lavender farm (Hitchin Lavender) to try and get some arty shots of her.  There are loads of photographs around the house of Buster as a toddler, even some beautiful professional ones by Venture that were gifted to us by my parents but not so many of the little one.

When we arrived this is the view that met us, a field of amethyst gorgeousness, a real sight to behold.

We paid our entrance fee and were given some scissors and plastic bags and made our way to the field. 
 It was a lovely day and we had fun cutting two big bags of lavender and even managed to get some photos of the girl (sadly none shown here as I'm too lazy to upload them from my camera so you'll just have to make do with the few shots I took on my phone).  There was a lovely atmosphere there that day with people merrily chopping away at the lavender whilst a wedding party's band played out from a marquee at the bottom of the field.
Here's Missy harvesting some of her own
This is the massive bouquet of lavender we came away with, it filled a huge terracotta pot which sat on my garden table all summer long attracting bees and smelling amazing, perhaps now that summer's over and it's all dried I can use it to make some lavender bags.

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