Monday, 20 May 2013

This Week's Junk Shop Jewels

Both kids have come down with the sniffles over the weekend so we thought we'd drag them round a church sale and a car boot to give them some fresh air because we're thoughtful like that.  Here's what we snagged.

First up this vintage Pyrex style turquoise mixing bowl £1
I'm currently following Liz (Me And My Shadow) on the road to almost certain paralysis and blindness by making my own wine.  I've purchased a starter kit that came with all the stuff you need to get going but we spotted this book for 50p to give us some more information, let's hope our eyesight lasts long enough to read it! 
A pair of wooden knitting needles and four crochet hooks
and this pretty spoon 50p all in
And finally this week a couple of scarf hangers.  Since Easter I've gradually been declutting my home resulting in four car loads to the reuse centre and one to the tip, but for some reason I  was putting off the last area to be sorted which was my side of our dressing room.  I don't know why I was so reluctant to do it but I finally tackled it last week and I'm so glad I did as I was able to offload 8 black bags of stuff that was either worn out, ill-fitting or was just a general pain in the arse and therefore never worn (dry clean only stuff, stuff that required ironing - I don't do ironing).

Anyway, ever since I've been trying to get hold of a scarf hanger and a couple of shopping trips had sadly been fruitless but lo and behold, just when you need something a tat rummage seems to always come up trumps and that it did, two perfect for the job at the car boot, £1 for the pair.
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  1. That Pyrex style mixing bowl is an absolute beauty!

    1. The photo doesn't do it justice Ruth, it's a really lovely aqua. x

  2. What a super haul, and I'm sure the kids feel much better for their outings!

    We need to organise a wine tasting evening ;0)

    1. I shall contact the Guide Dog's Association and get back to you. x

  3. Sounds like Op shop decluttered and then found the awesome scarf hangers to keep you on the organised path :)


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