Monday, 13 May 2013

This Week's Junk Shop Jewels

First up this week is a massive cream 1950s musical jewellery box, it's the perfect size for Missy's huge and ever growing collection of dressing-up trinkets and baubles, seriously she's the Imelda Marcos of plastic, sparkly shite (£1.99)
Another lovely vintage sheet, a beautiful pink floral double for £3
cream and white cotton single sheets next £1.49 each for stitchery shenanigans, cue boring photo of the year...
And last but not least a Russian doll tapestry cushion (brand new with the tag still on) £2.98
Linking up with Liz and her #MagpieMonday over at Me And My Shadow
Me and My Shadow


  1. £2.98? What kind of mental price system are they using?!

    Loving the jewel box x

  2. Ooh that cushion is lovely!! Some good finds there

  3. Cute cushion. Love the print on the bedspread too (even though it's pink!) x

    1. I love it even more because it's pink, I only ever seem to find brown or yellow


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