Monday, 22 April 2013

This Week's Junk Shop Jewels

I've spent the two weeks of the Easter hols decluttering my house.  I finally faced up to the 13 years of crap we'd amassed since moving here that we kept shoving into the loft with a view to dealing with it another day.  Well that day came and after four car loads to the reuse centre and two trips to the local recycling centre I feel as though a (considerable) weight has been lifted from my (and my house's) shoulders.  

I didn't stop there, after the two days it took me to empty the crap from the loft I spent a further three days sorting out the kitchen, under the stairs, the study area, the master bedroom and Missy's room.  

So what am I writing about now that I have a new sleek, streamlined, organised home?  Yes, you guessed it, more junk to fill all the new-found space!

Starting off with an Easter feel with this cute little pink ceramic bunny
but he's not just any bunny, he does have a practical purpose, he houses cotton wool balls on my dressing table, how charming that he dispenses these through his arse (£6)
I very rarely buy clothes at charity shops, not because I have an aversion more because I already have way too many (the dressing room is next on my decluttering hit list, I promise)
but I spotted this dress from afar and was delighted at the little robin print that presented itself upon closer inspection (£6.99)
Finally this week two wooden vintage coat hangers.  I loved the shape of the bottom one and the top one is ideal for me to have a go at making a crochet cover for (20p each)
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  1. I adore the bunny. I want a yellow one!

  2. Well you must be bored now you've finished. Fancy coming round mine to clear out?

    Love the dress you found, it's so you. x

    1. I know for a fact you have a massive garage packed full of 'junk' but I have OCD and I'm a nosy moo AND your 'junk' is on the ground floor so I'd love to! x

  3. ohh the bunny is rather sewwt what great finds the robin print is very pretty, I am a bit of a hoarder and am not ever in themood to declutter although my other haf is rather a minimalist and it drives him crazy so he is forever clearing up.. but thats just new spaces for me to put things ;)

    1. Oh I think the pairing of a hoarder and a minimalist is a match made in heaven, good luck filling all his empty spaces!

  4. I have a little collection of 3 of those bunnies (here are 2 of them I'm worried if I buy more I'll end up one of those crazy collectors you see on hoarding programmes!

    1. The colours of your two complement each other so well, love them and the price you got them for! I don't think you can have too many bunnies, after all they do breed like...well, rabbits! x


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