Friday, 26 April 2013

BUTTON Mushroom or ToadSTOOL?

This weeny footstool has sat in my bathroom for about a decade, it really is tiny, visiting children often try to sit on it and my own kids have even tried to use it as a step stool for cleaning their teeth but to no avail.  

I bought it in a charity shop with a view to doing something with it and after all these years I finally did
I made it into a toadstool.  
I covered the seat with foam and a few layers of wadding, stretched over a remnant of red cotton I had in my stash and staple-gunned it to the underside.  I glued a length of red ribbon around to cover the unsightly staples and then turned my attention to the decoration.  I have so many vintage buttons just sitting doing now't in my button box that I thought I'd showcase some of the white ones as the spots atop the toadstool.  Cute as a button!


  1. Hi I just found your blog through Scarlet linking with Liz! I love your toadstool, what a brilliant idea and so cute!


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