Monday, 11 February 2013

This Week's Junk Shop Jewels

Missy started nursery last month and I'm starting to get used to having some free time again during the day.  I've been trying to get back to the gym and visiting during the quieter mornings has been lovely but it's also great knowing I've not got to juggle everyone's mealtimes with Mr Right and I tag-teaming the evening routine so we can both make our allotted number of weekly visits to make it worth our while financially and physically.  

Anyway, as always the best laid plans of mice and men don't always seem to materialise and of course with the commencement of nursery came the obligatory coughs and colds.  Missy has had a permanent sniffle since she started and, after a wonderful 18 months cold free, I finally succumbed and contracted two within the space of a month meaning I found myself with a couple of mornings sans gym so what better way to cheer myself up than with a spot of charity shop shopping?

So here for your amusement are the items I left my sick bed for this week.  Having looked at the bits and bobs now I sense a bit of a 60s/70s theme, apologies for anyone with a distaste for the flower power era but I love it especially when I pick up a piece of Hostess Ware Black Velvet for 25p that turns out to be worth about £6.50
I had another bit of good luck with some vintage pillowcases too this week (£1 the pair) I'll be able to start my first proper quilt soon if I keep having luck like this!
I also snagged the purple floral St Michael single fringed bed cover at the same time (£3.50) which would make a super throw for a sofa if you didn't want to use it on a bed, although with her current passion for purple Missy might inherit it for her bedroom.
 Finally this week a bit of Snoopy glassware (35p) for the kids me
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  1. Every time you post a vintage sheet find, I'm like a kid in the playground and have to check whether I already have it, need or it, or have excess to swap! Those are quite gorgeous and I think 100% cotton, I found a couple of sheets recently and have kept one to make pj bottoms - one day! Love that purple throw too!

    1. ha ha ha! I never find anything on your kind of scale Mary, I know the mother load is out there somewhere waiting for me but I wish it would hurry the f up, I want to get sewing! Ooh yes and some nice cotton sheets would be lovely for some summer weight pjbs (I'm hopeful given the current snow!) or a dress... *sigh*

  2. Sorry to hear Missy has been poorly. It is indeed the drawback to school/nursery.

    Fab finds, I especially love that throw it's gorgeous and fits the sofa a treat. x

  3. Love it, I would love the throw. My daughter is full of the sniffs! So I can sympathise with you. Willow is one of those toddlers who will run about nuddy and not feel it. But since living by the sea, it has all changed. She has had chicken pox, virus's galore and now a cold! Plus some parents do not care if little jonny has the sniffs, off to kindergarden they go! I am deffinately home schooling her now!

    1. Gosh, I thought the sea was where they sent people to convalesce in days of yore but maybe they sent them there to kill them off???!!!

  4. I had a snoopy glass JUST like that one! Over form Missie Lizzies!

    1. It's super isn't it, thanks for visiting!

  5. I love the Snoopy glass - and I'm really impressed with the price cos I keep seeing Snoopy stuff priced too high for me to buy.

    1. Some chazza shops know too much for my liking these days ;) mind you they're entitled to make as much money as they can from stuff, just not the stuff I want to buy! x

  6. Hope you're feeling better - and good girl Missy, nothing wrong with a passion for purple, all the best people have it!

  7. Sorry you haven't been feeling well. I'm glad you were able to find some fun thrifty goods. My kids were sick for weeks after they started daycare but they have great immunity now. Now following you on GFC. :) Jo

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    1. Hi Teo

      Many thanks for dropping by, Glipho sounds interesting, I will certainly take a peek! :D


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