Monday, 7 January 2013

This Week's Junk Shop Jewels

Not been too much in the way of charity shop visits over the Christmas period as we were pretty much hibernating during December but we did sneak in a child-free thrift at the weekend so here's what I spent my Christmas money on.

First up a glass jelly mould, to add to the 3 billion I already own but it's one I don't already have so that's ok, right? (£3)

A load of vintage wooden clothes pins (£1)
Three reels of fine crochet thread (£1)
A small teapot (£2)
And a little glass lidded pot (£1.50)
I also got two more vintage candy stripe pillowcases but I'm sure you're sick to the back teeth of seeing pictures of candy stripe bed linen on this blog so I didn't bother taking a photo (£1.50 the pair)

Linking up with Liz and her #MagpieMonday over at Me And My Shadow, the first one of the new year after a couple of weeks off.
Me and My Shadow


  1. Oooh great finds all of them! You clearly didn't go to Hitchin when I did when all of them were closed :0(

  2. They were indeed all from Hitchin, annoying when they're not open isn't it? Although being staffed by mainly volunteers who can blame them for wanting Christmas and New Year off.

  3. Happy New Year Sweetie! If I had seen photos of these finds without them being on your blog I would have spotted they belonged to you in an instant! I'm particularly envious of the wooden clothes pegs and the crochet thread.


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