Wednesday, 9 January 2013


We've been missing our dog of late, she passed away four years ago this month but I think of her often.  In a moment of weakness I almost caved to the soppy-eyed pestering of the kids and considered the possibility of a new dog.

I have two main criteria, it must be small enough to fit out of the cat flap (our dearly departed Jack Russell Boo-Boo used to take herself off for a widdle in the back garden through the cat's flap which was super handy) and it must be brown (we have dark brown carpets throughout downstairs and Boo-Boo was a white dog so the hair really showed up).  

I have always loved Dachshunds and thought that as a sausage dog ticked the size and colour boxes that it might be a viable option until I read that they're quite vicious *sad face* so I decided to crochet myself one in scarf form instead *happy face* although Missy has already claimed it as her own *sad face again*


A penny for your thoughts

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