Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Doing My Business

February's been a funny old month, I was doing the usual, merrily posting about all the odds and sods I prick about making when one post more than any other had a very pleasant knock-on effect for me.  

It was an innocent little post about some hair slides and greetings cards I'd made using some crochet flowers that I'd whipped up as embellishments which I put out into the ether and thought no more about.  Later that day when I was checking the comments I was super flattered to find that the lovely Karen from All About The Boys/The White Approach wanted to purchase some of my cards to sell at Crikey! It's Vintage! in March and the equally wonderful Liz at Me And My Shadow wanted to purchase some of the hair slides for her daughter.
Liz's order
You have to understand that I have been a kept woman for over a decade, the lovely Mr Right goes out every day and works hard to earn the pennies which afford us the luxury of my being a stay at home mum, for which I'm hugely grateful and appreciative.  Anyway as a result I've not earned my own money since 2001 so it was really rather a nice feeling to be paid for something you enjoy doing that doesn't encroach too much on my primary raison d'etre.

Karen is a successful independent business woman with impeccable taste and it's hugely flattering that she asked me to furnish her with a product that she thought might sell, never one to miss a trick and add value to something she suggested that perhaps I could make the crocheted embellishments into a removable brooch for Mother's Day cards.  I'd made a brooch card for my sister's birthday 
so I knew it was possible, had a bit of a play and this is what I came up with.
Karen said it was a goer and requested six (so I made three in purples and three in pinks)
and a further six in yellows for Easter.  
I'm eager to see how the cards do at Crikey! as I'm constantly toying with the idea of opening an Etsy shop to sell some of the crafty bits and bobs I can't seem to stop making but I'm a perpetual ditherer when it comes to this as I'm not confident that anyone would be remotely interested in parting with cash for my stuff so this will be an ideal opportunity to see if there's any mileage in the concept.
Karen's order
PS - I just wanted to add a little thanks to Karen and Liz for their purchases, hugely ego and PayPal coffer boosting, cheers ladies. x

PPS - If anyone else sees anything crafty on my blog that they might like to purchase then please feel free to contact me, this working for a living might be habit forming!

Cupcapers - Malted Milk Cupcakes

We visited some friends for tea a while back and I wanted to take some cakes round with us.  I was flicking through the recipe books looking for inspiration and several recipes caught my eye in a few different books for Malted Milk Cupcakes but they all called for the addition of malted milk drink powder which I didn't have, so I had a rummage in the larder and came up trumps with a jar of malt extract and a packet of Maltesers so I made up my own recipe.

The recipe was nothing fancy, just a basic chocolate sponge with the addition of a couple of tablespoons of the malt extract with a little more added to the butter cream icing that I piped on top of each cupcake.
I popped a Malteser on the top for decoration and cut some pink drinking straws to scale and hey presto, malted milk cupcakes.

Monday, 27 February 2012

This Week's Junk Shop Jewels

Mr Right and I went on a child-free tat rummage as he has decided he'd quite like to read the BBC's top 100 reads and thought he might be able to procure some of them at knock down prices from the chazza shop (this thriftiness is catching), anyway whilst he was hanging around with all the nerdy types browsing the bookshelves I was able to grab some bargains of my own.

First up some haberdashery, a couple of meters of ribbon, lace and some vintage buttons for £1.10 all in
I spotted this little beauty in the window of one of the shops and knew it had to be mine, I purchased for the fab price of £4.95 and it still works.  I came in the original box with a cover and ribbon too!  
I coveted the Petite 990 as a child as I loved the commercial with the little girl working away on it accompanied by 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton, sadly I couldn't find that clip on YouTube but here's the next best thing
With Easter on the horizon I saw this and thought it might be good for some inspiration, it was 50p but Mr Right bought it for me as he was purchasing some books at the time so technically it was free!
This Pyrex style dish was £1.50
and this jelly mould to add to my collection was £1
Finally this beautiful bonbon jar, yes another one! £2
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Me and My Shadow

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Fluffy Bunny Scarf

For Christmas I received some books and magazine subscriptions to fuel my creativity.  One such book was this one, Crochet for Children, from my sister and my attention was drawn to this pattern
Missy loves my fox fur scarf that I crocheted last year
so I thought this would be ideal for her in a similar vein, so I purchased some suitably fluffy wool and set to work and here's my attempt
Although she doesn't want to wear it as she thinks it's some kind of soft toy and would rather play with it!

Now available to purchase in my Etsy shop

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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

What A Load Of Crepe

It's Shrove Tuesday bitches!
I had the foresight to make my pancakes last night as I knew I'd be faffing for ages, you see I've dicking around on Pinterest YET again and saw something called Pancake Lace and I just HAD to try it.

Basically you take your pancake batter, put it into a squeezy bottle and 'draw' out your design onto the hot pan like so
Wait the allotted time and then gently turn
It took a bit of practice
but eventually it became quite addictive
Although I don't really know how tasty they'd be as you can't really fill them as such but they do look quite pretty, needless to say I made a huge batch of the normal variety too
So we can have our annual Right competition to see how many it's humanly possible to stuff into our faces without vomiting
Happy Pancake Day everyone!

Monday, 20 February 2012

This Week's Junk Shop Jewels

Bit of a mixed bunch this week as far as dead people's stuff goes

First up this cross stitch book, it's been something to try on my to do list for ages and this for 50p seemed like a good starting point for my own designs which is what I'd rather do than a kit
I also got another embroidery hoop to add to my collection for £1.50
Two pink kitsch kitten and puppy bangles for Missy 50p
Two balls of wool for my stash £2.50
This handy box for little bits and pieces £2
A cross stitch greetings card featuring the White Rabbit from Alice In Wonderland, woefully under priced at £1, I love Alice and I thought I could copy the pattern to my own ends
Finally this knock-off (granted a good knock-off but a knock-off nonetheless; believe me I should know!) Louis Vuitton bag, a bit of fun for Missy at £2
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Me and My Shadow

Thursday, 16 February 2012

If You're Going To San Francisco...

...don't forget to wear a flower in your hair.

Over Christmas I decided to have another quick bash at some crochet flowers, I'd made some during the summer but Missy had decided they made better fuzzy felts when stuck on the garden fence so the ones I had made back then were a tad battered.
I made a load of them in lots of different colours
and used some for some birthday card embellishments 
and the rest I decided to add a button to and stick onto hair slides with my trusty glue gun
Missy is growing out her fringe at the moment and her hair is permanently in her eyes so she now has a floral hair slide in every colour of the rainbow in an attempt to stop her bumping into things and getting food in her hair, flowers in your hair are so much more desirable than jam and cake crumbs!
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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The Craft Of Love

Before you get the wrong idea this is not a dodgy post, it is in fact my Valentines post.

As with most celebrations I use Valentines Day as an excuse to be crafty, so far I've made a crochet heart garland to hang in our dining room
I couldn't resist crocheting a weeny heart to go on a hair slide for Missy on the day
More crochet, this time for Mr Right's card from me, the sentiment reads 'you make my heart all warm and fuzzy'
This love heart sweet wreath
Some cupcakes of course 
with a surprise heart shaped centre, you can see how to make them here
And a 'Valentine' banner using some more of the vintage letter game cards I got from the charity shop
Happy Valentines Day to all you crafty foxes x

Cupcapers - Cupcakes With A Heart

Last year I made a big cake for Valentines but we've had an abundance of large celebration cakes in the house of late so I thought it was time for some more cupcakes and I spied the idea for this on good old Pinterest.

They're basically some unassuming vanilla cupcakes but these cupcakes have a surprise hidden inside
They have a heart
And here's how you make them

You make up your normal vanilla sponge mix (I made a four egg mix) and divide off a third of it and dye it red.  Spread the red cake mix onto a swiss roll type tray and bake until the edges turn golden.  
Allow the red cake to cool slightly and then using a heart cutter cut 12 hearts out of the sponge.

Fill 12 cupcake cases with a little of the remaining cake batter
Then stand the heart cut-outs in the batter
Use the rest of the cake batter to infill around the sponge hearts 
and bake in the oven until golden brown
I iced my cakes but be careful to remember which way the hearts are facing so they look like hearts when you cut the cupcakes open (I placed a heart sweet facing front to aid the deduction)

Anyway, here's one that's had its heart broken
In retrospect I would have used a smaller heart shape cutter so you could see the effect a bit better but all in all I'm pleased with how these turned out and you're not just limited to heart shapes!
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