Sunday, 30 December 2012

My First Craft Fair

So I've mentioned in a couple of recent posts that I took part in my maiden craft fair earlier this month.  It's something I've been toying with for a while now but required copious amounts of time, something which with a toddler I have precious little of.  

Whilst on a family walk at the end of October my lovely brother-in-law mentioned a Christmas craft fair that the art gallery he works for were hosting as part of the preview for an exhibition of embroidery and needlework (including some by Mr X Stitch) aptly entitled Hemmed In (I did offer my "fuck" doily but it was politely declined, can't think why) and asked if I'd like to have a stall.  This was the ideal opportunity for me to have a bash in a friendly environment with no real outlay except my time so I spent every spare minute of the intervening 6 weeks crocheting, sewing and paper crafting my ass off.

The eve of the big day was spent with a mock craft stall in my lounge (along with a Christmas tree and the aforementioned toddler) pissing about with the display and making signs and a photo montage for my e-photo frame plus trying to decide how much to charge for everything but here it is, my finished stall ready for some selling

Mr Right and Buster came along to wish me luck and a few people I know through the gallery were in attendance so it was nice to see some friendly faces on the night and I actually made some sales (sadly the two stall holders next to me didn't sell a thing so I was very lucky).  

I got some lovely compliments about my work plus the invitation to join an internet based network of entrepreneurial mums (I'm an entrepreneur now don't you know) and the bonus of a boost to the stock for my Etsy shop

I also came away with some amusing anecdotes like the lady who asked whether I could make the Baby Boobie Beanies in blue for boys (er, not really as they would be blue boobs, and you only really get blue boobs on dead people) and the lady who wanted to know if the Princess Leia Hats came in blonde (er nope, then they wouldn't be Princess Leia Hats) and the constant Carry On style quips about people fondling/laughing at my boobs/knickers (the boob hats and knickers pot stands).

All in all it was a great experience and I'd like to thank my bro-in-law for thinking of me and for Mr Right for wrangling the kids and putting up with me shouting "I'm counting!" every time he deigned to talk to me during my stock-making time.


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