Thursday, 29 November 2012

Christmas Crochet

I know it's still technically November and I'm the last person to be raving on about Christmas as I've grown to hate it more and more each year, it's only redeeming qualities seem to be the time we get to spend at home together as a family and excited children.  That said I've been making a couple of Christmas items mainly for my home but also for listing on my Etsy shop at some point so I thought I'd give them a little outing on here

A string of pretty faux Christmas lights, there are 12 bulbs in all and they took an absolute age but I love them and am seriously considering leaving them up all year round.
and a snowflake garland made with some suitably festive sparkly yarn
Merry bastard Christmas! x


  1. So gorgeous. Would those lights cost too much in time to produce in the shop? I bet they'd sell brilliantly.

    1. Thanks! I would probably have to charge about £20 - £25 to justify the time spent on them, not sure they'd sell for that but I might stick them on Etsy for next Christmas and see if they sell

  2. Those are amazing!! I'm very impressed!


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