Monday, 29 October 2012

Off The Cuff

I've been crocheting again, I know, yawn-a-rama right?  Perhaps I should start a crochet blog to save you all from my granny ways but until that happens you'll just have to humour me, ok?!

I've made these...
"What are they Christy?!" I hear you cry, well they're boot cuffs.  'Tis the season of the boot and if you're like me and can't be faffed with a chunky sock (as well as chunky legs) squeezed into your boots then this may be the answer.
I made some in grey to go with my wellingtons and some in cream
to go with another pair of boots, I've also made an olive green pair but as you can see pictures taken by me of my own legs haven't come out that brilliantly (have you ever tried to photograph your own legs?, go on try it, it's trixy!) so I haven't bothered to try and capture those ones on film.
Anyway, I shall be adding these babies to my Etsy shop asap.


A penny for your thoughts

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