Thursday, 4 October 2012

As Seen On TV

I have been preserving, so far this month I've made Strawberry Jam, Lemon Curd, Green Tomato Chutney and Bramble Jelly.

I've only made a couple of jars of each, mainly from leftovers or a last ditch harvest of the plants in our garden before autumn really kicks in.

The Green Tomato Chutney is my first foray into pickling and I'm really pleased with the result as it's a great use for all those tomatoes that didn't ripen in time for summer salads and what's more it tastes amazing with cheese and biscuits.

The Lemon Curd occurred (!) because we had a glut of lemons lurking in the fridge.  It was so simple to make I don't know why I hadn't made my own before now and it tastes fab as a quick alternative to jam as a sponge filling.

The Bramble Jelly came about after a spot of blackberry picking whilst there were still plenty to be had but the discovery that we had no room in either of our freezers having been generously given a load by Mr Right's Mum.  

In the same week that I made the Bramble Jelly Mr Right and I spotted that a local village was holding a village show so I thought I'd enter a pot of my jelly in the preserves section of the show, sadly it didn't win a prize (not sure how you can judge preserves if you don't actually taste them, my jar came back untouched!) but it did appear on The One Show as coincidentally they were filming at the show because their presenters had entered produce into some of the categories there. 

Here's my Bramble Jelly's 15 seconds of fame (being helpfully pointed out by Missy)


  1. Famous jam!
    How stoopid, of course they should have tasted it. Fix!

    Green tomato chutney looks lovely.

    1. I think it was a fix too Lakota, those bloody TV peeps! x

  2. Hmmmm think I have your signature somewhere gonna stick it on ebay!!!
    Lemon curd Victoria sponges are my favourite - yum!

  3. wow that's very cool. I so need to make Lemon curd, I love it. x

    1. It's super easy Susan and very tasty, even if I do say so myself. x

  4. Yay!!!! That's a cool post. Love lemon and apple curd....nom!

    1. Thanks! Tbh, I love most foods, that's half my problem! x


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