Monday, 10 September 2012

This Week's Junk Shop Jewels

Apologies for the break but Mr Right has had a long-awaited couple of weeks off work so we've been galavanting.  Anyway, he's back to work now and Buster's back at school so I've no excuse for bunking off any longer so here we go...

A few items this week (I managed to drag the wee ones round a couple of shops on the promise of sweets, I rule at parenting).  Firstly this pretty little basket £1.50
This weird 1960s children's mug with an arty farty creature on it which is perfect for my paintbrushes 50p
A Hello Kitty curtain £2.00, ripe for chopping up and making all manner of things for Missy
A couple of snowflake design Pyrex items, a casserole dish and a platter £2.50 the pair, I think I might have inadvertently started a collection of this stuff as I was gifted a matching gravy boat in a blog swap last year, ideal for the Christmas dining table.
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  1. OOh, i don't 'alf love your mug!
    And your pyrex! Pyrex is so extreme - sometimes just being so whimsically divine and other times looking downright nasty. Yours, of course, is lush.x

  2. My DD would KILL for those curtains!!

    Love your mug, perfect indeed for paint brushes x

  3. Wow that snowflake pyrex is gorgeous - have only seen that style of pyrex on Pinterest before now. As you say, it will be great for Christmas.

    And the curtains are so pretty - hope you have fun repurposing them x

    1. Thanks Ruth, I'm itching to get my sewing machine out again but no projects or spare time are forthcoming :(


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