Thursday, 20 September 2012

Magical Mystery Tour

It was Mr Right's birthday last month and as I don't have a salary of my own (after a decade of being a stay at home Mum it still feels a bit wrong spending Mr Right's money on his own gift) I decided that a thrifty birthday was in order so as well as a handmade gift (more on that one later) I hatched a plan for a magical mystery tour that would be right up Mr Right's boulevard.

All he knew was that we were heading into the big smoke...

First stop was "Look Mum No Hands", a cycling cafe in Islington.  Mr Right loves all things bicycle and this cafe is where ITV's Cycle Show is filmed

Then it was a stroll round the corner to the Barbican where I'd booked tickets for the 50 Years Of Bond Style exhibition, who doesn't love a bit of Bond?  My fave Bond will always be Sean Connery as my Nana always claimed that she taught him to dance at her youth club in Edinburgh where he had a milk round that he did via horse and cart.  Not sure how true this is but I'm claiming it.

Sadly they didn't allow photographs inside the exhibition so you'll have to settle for this one of my man and Sean outside.
On to The Old Sorting Office on New Oxford Street where Banksy cohort Mr Brainwash of Exit Through The Gift Shop fame was hosting an exhibition of his work in celebration of the London 2012 Olympics 
Here are a couple of montages of the street art within
Unlike the Barbican photography was positively encouraged, hence the 40 here, sorry

After a lovely lunch at Tombo in South Kensington we schlepped across town to Greenwich to take a ride on the new Emirate Air Line, a cable car that spans the Thames
Unfortunately just as we were about to board they evacuated us because a thunderstorm was imminent (not ideal for someone like me who is petrified of heights) and we had to hang around for almost 2 hours before it was deemed safe to travel.
I'd booked return tickets so had to do the journey there AND back and spent most of the time on board with my eyes closed trying not have a panic attack but the Mr seemed to enjoy himself marveling at the spectacular views of the capital
The O2 Arena and Canary Warf and the Olympic Stadium
On our journey home we found ourselves on the platform of London Bridge station which provides an amazing view of The Shard, I almost ended up under a train trying to get the whole thing into this shot!
Happy Birthday Mr Right. xxx


  1. Hey if he loves all things bicycle, then thrifty lady get making this for next year!

    or just show him the video!

    1. Lol, Mr Right will be in raptures at the workshop let alone the creation that it bore! x

  2. Wow! What a fantastic birthday day out. I hope he had a fantastic time and was suitabley birthdayed.

  3. Sounds like a fab day out, I love doing stuff like this. Completely failed to see the Mr Brainwash thing, which is annoying. I kind of fancy the cable car but am also dubious about heights after being dragged on a hideous ride by Boy1 at the fair - one of those horrible 100ft chairoplane things. I'm hoping I'll be ok as long as my legs aren't dangling out of the car!

    1. The word chairoplane fills me with horror, you were very brave!


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