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Lulastic Charity Shop Blog Hop, Bucks

So, after the success of the last Charity Shop Blog Hop, Lulastic and The Hippyshake is hosting another (you can read my last post about the wonders of Hitchin here) so what better excuse for a trawl round some chazza shops than for journalistic research?

Poor Mr Right was enjoying a couple of weeks off work when we found ourselves with a child-free day and he found himself being dragged round half of Buckinghamshire!

Stony Stratford

Stony is a lovely little town on the outskirts of Milton Keynes and is one of my fave destinations for a bit of a tat trawl and is also home to the "Penrith Tea Rooms" from Withnail And I .  

Most of the shops are located on the High Street so here they are from one end to the other.

1. Willen Hospice

Quite good for crochet supplies and bric-a-brac, they now have a vintage section (which so many charity shops are starting to do now) and charging royally for items within but I suppose everyone's out to make a buck so why not the charity shops?  

This used to be a bit ramshackle but I think they've had a sort out of late (more's the pity, I love a good rummage)
3. The British Red Cross

I always break out my standard gag for this one "shall we cross to the Red Cross?" (It's a laugh a minute chazza shopping with me!)

Small but perfectly formed, another good one for crochet supplies but they seem to be starting to stock a lot more new stuff of which I'm not a fan.
4. Willen Hospice Book Shop

It does what it says on the tin, books, books and more books (needless to say Mr Right likes this one)
5. Age UK

It's like entering a mock Tudor pub with dark beams and a dingy showroom but there is a great little cubby hole full of bric-a-brac and they even sell electricals 
6. Oxfam

Another small one but this one has good bric-a-brac and Mrs D even found a Radley handbag in there for a couple of quid!
Can't leave Stony without giving Castles Surplus Store a mention.  This is a bit of an oddity selling army surplus, DIY items and bakeware?!
Kiln Farm

We're on our way back to Milton Keynes now and find ourselves on an industrial estate in Kiln Farm where there are three big charity furniture warehouses

1. Willen Hospice

This is the new kid on the block, not much stock but this seemed to be the place to source your Fortnum and Mason wicker hampers but at a price (they had one about the size of a hot air balloon basket on the day we were there!)
2. Age UK

I like this one the best as it has a good mix of furniture, books and music but also has a mezzanine with bric-a-brac and soft furnishings and I found this for a fiver in there once.  They also tweet their wares (@AgeUKMKShops) and are open until 8pm on a Thursday!
3. The Re-Use Centre

This looks a little bit scary but it's the kind of place you can find a hidden gem, if you're willing to chisel off the detritus

Back through Milton Keynes and out the other side is located the pretty little market town of Olney, in the past I've visited during their Dickensian Christmas Market and returned a couple of times for the charity shops.  During this particular trip Mr Right and I spotted Tim Don 2006 World Triathlon Champion, who lives nearby, doing a bit of shopping but we were scoffing chips in the street (classy) so resisted the urge to shout "The Don!" at him.

1. Mercy In Action

A lovely little boutique style charity shop who are truly making the most of their vintage wares but sadly for me the prices match
2. Age UK

A large outlet with tonnes to peruse
3. Willen Hospice

Too many new items for sale so not my bag
4. Oxfam Books

Kept Mr Right happy for 10 minutes
Newport Pagnell

Spitting distance from Olney is Paggers, again most of the shops are helpfully located on the High Street.


Like its sister shop in Stony this is a bit ramshackle but good for a rummage and as a result the prices aren't bad either
2. Oxfam

Bright and airy shop although prices are a little steep for me, I collect glass jelly moulds and only pay a couple of quid for them at most, they wanted about a fiver for a bog standard one!!
3. Mercy In Action

Another one of these boutique style charity shops, this one is a bit too small though

4. Age UK

Good for haberdashery

4. Willen Hospice

Large shop but didn't have much old stuff in it, lots of new bits though
5. Keech

Small and a bit ramshackle (just how I like 'em)

Finally on our winding way home we stopped off at the Emmaus Village at Carlton (not strictly Bucks but hey who are you, the charity shopping location police?)

This is a secluded little oasis of tat with lots of little mini warehouses on site selling furniture, soft furnishings, clothes and there's even a bric-a-brac cafe so you can peruse dead people's stuff and eat cake at the same time!
Hope you enjoyed my little tour, if you did then I'm sure you'll enjoy the others that are linked up here


  1. Ah, I LOVE BUCKS! I well need to come for a look in those dingy cubby holes. The re use centre is appealing especially to me. :-) Thanks for linking up! x x

    1. Ooooh, I'm with you, I love a rummage in a dingy cubby. x

  2. You should write a guidebook, and can I just check that the cake at Emmaus didn't belong to the dead people too?!

    1. Ha ha ha! I don't think the cake belonged to dead people, sadly I didn't sample any on this occasion. x

  3. Whoo, exhaustive! Thank you for your valiant shopping efforts!


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