Sunday, 8 July 2012

Faith, Hope And Charity Shopping Jubilee Blog Swap

The wonderful truly insane Lakota over at Faith, Hope And Charity Shopping hosted another of her spectacular blog swaps, this time with a Jubilee theme.  Having taken part in the Christmas swap with great results I decided to volunteer for more of the same.

The rules were as follows

* You need a blog to join in, and you must have updated in the last month - sorry, but this makes it a little easier for your swap partner, and hopefully ensures you're serious about taking part. If you have had problems in a previous swap, please let me know (privately)
* As usual, you need to send your swap partner a minimum of three items, maximum of five.
* At least one item should be thrifted/second hand - if everything is, great! 
* At least one item should be handmade - whether made by your own fair hands or bought from Etsy/local craft fair etc.
* This time - at least one item must fit the jubilee theme somehow. If your swap partner is a rampant republican/anarchist, that's fine - you can twist the theme to fit!
* No minimum spend, maximum £12.00, or the equivalent in your local currency. (this doesn't include postage, so remember you'll have to post your parcel too)
* Swap to be completed by 7th July or as otherwise arranged with your partner (if this interferes with holidays etc)

Lakota partnered me up with Sophie over at Threadhead and I couldn't have wished for a more fitting and generous swapper.

Where to begin...

When the parcel arrived I could smell lavender before I even opened it.  When I did break into it I opened the envelope contained within and knew immediately this swap was going to be a great one as Sophie had sent me this subversive cross stitch card which is totes up my street

There were several packages wrapped in gorgeous fabric and fastened with homemade badges that were a joy to behold
Here's a little run down of the secrets they held within
Some regal crown fabric which held the source of the lavender aroma, two sweet lavender bag hearts, one with a cross stitch of a crown with its gems and another little homemade badge in the same fabric.
A sweet little glass jelly mould to add to my collection which has now joined its cousins on my mantle and was the perfect size and shape to balance my collection, marvelous for my OCD!
Two gorgeous recipe books wrapped in some pink fabric, I thought I had every cupcake and cookie book going but these contain lots of inspiration for future baking exploits
 The most amazing book Second 100 Things A Girl Can Make (a couple of knitting and crochet patterns where inside the cover too)  The book is from the 1920s and contains some wonderful little makes, one of which I've already had a go at and if I get a chance I'll blog about it soon.  Sophie must have some great charity shops in her locale as the thrifted items she sent me are spectacular.
A holographic postcard of the ~Her Maj and a patriotic bank card sticker (who knew you could jazz up bank cards??)
And last but by no means least the piece de resistance a beautiful flamingo embroidery that it truly astounding, how Sophie hasn't gone blind with all the intricate stitch work that's gone into it I'll never know.
She's so glam with her pretty pearly blouse, diamond pendant and the exotic looking rose in her feathers, perfect!
Sophie was also kind enough to add a wallet of embroidery bumf this wonderful Yves Saint Laurent magazine pull out and some fab transfers
So stay tuned for yet another craft I'll be having a bash at.

I just want to say a huge thank you to Sophie for being a great swap partner and to Lakota for organising the swap in the first place, what lovely ladies you are.

Now if you want to see what's contained within these parcels that I sent to Sophie then you need to go here

If you want to see what all the other swappers sent each other then you need to visit Lakota's blog here


  1. Wowzers, I love it all. I knew you two stitchy ladies would make a great pairing. It's all awesome but I'm particularly awed by the flamingo and the 'bite me' card. Thanks for the glowing endorsement and for being a great swapper x

    1. Thanks for hosting the whole thing and for your expert pairing as per usual. xxx

  2. So glad you liked it all -it was such a fun swap. The crochet you sent me was brilliant! Thanks for being a fab swap partner - lakota did such a great job matching partners. Look forward to seeing the project from the vintage craft book - I thought the book was so funny in the way it was written , i'm hoping one day i'll find vol 1!

    1. The book was so funny, I had to read it really carefully to understand it!!!


  3. can you still see your numbers when using your bankcard sticker?

    1. Yes, it had little window that you could pull out from the main sticker :)


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