Monday, 28 May 2012

This Week's Junk Shop Jewels

Just a few items for you this week as I've been busy having a bit of a life laundry and donating to charity shops rather than purchasing from them (#declutter2012), firstly a couple of lovely old wooden cotton reels, don't see many of these about so I snapped them up for 20p each
Jaunty nautical tea towel 50p
Pretty rosebud cake plate £1
Linking up with Liz and #MagpieMonday over at Me And My Shadow

Me and My Shadow


  1. GIVE ME THAT PLATE !!! Ohh love it. Will look out for wooden cotton reels for you if you like, we get loads in my local shop xxx

    1. Ooh Karen I love old wooden cotton reels too! Any chance you could send a few in my direction?!

      Ruthy at Minibreak Mummy

    2. Whoa, whoa, whoa there Ruthy baby, if Karen's gonna supply anyone with wooden cotton reels it gonna be me ;)

      Plate has a few hairline cracks that don't show on the pic Karen so I'm sure you wouldn't want it really. x

  2. Oh boy oh boy, I LOVE IT ALL.
    Those cotton spools are my favourite, Love them.
    Nice work Miss!

  3. Oooh where do all the cotton reels go to? Down Karen's way it seems! If I ever do find them they want more like £2 each for them :0(

    1. These are the first two I've come across, have had a look on ebay and they are going for silly money, but don't tell Karen ;)

  4. Lovely reels, those wooden ones go for silly money sometimes. And I'm quite taken with the pretty plate and teatowel too.


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