Thursday, 10 May 2012

Doily Beloved

This month's issue of Mollie Makes dropped through my letterbox on Tuesday and I was doing my usual OCD thing of flicking through the magazine with my page marker Post Its at the ready so that I don't forget to add the makes I want to attempt to my MASSIVE craft to do list (I know it's anal but I thought we knew each other by now?!).

Anyway one of the makes hopped straight to the top of the list, LOOK!!!
Who knew you could actually write stuff in doily form?!  This was a revelation to me, oh the possibilities!  I really wanted to try an edgier word but thought that as this was my first attempt and as I didn't have the proper fine crochet cotton that I really could do without a giant expletive doily hanging around so I chose to make love (ahem).

It's basically the cross stitch of the crochet world.  You make your plan on graph paper in the same way and it's just a case of filling in boxes with crochet stitches to form the individual letters adding a fancy schmancy boarder to pretty the whole thing up.

I LOVE it!  It's my new favourite form of crochet and I'm even more chuffed as yet again it's something that I've taught myself (what on earth did we do before Google and YouTube?!).

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  1. how did I miss that (clearly need page markers!)
    And why do I think I have time?

    Love your comments over at mine (as always!)
    fee x

    1. It was a tiny wee feature about it, blink and you'd have missed it, it's only because I'm fine tuned for crochet that I noticed it! x

  2. Oh My God! That is amazeballs!!!!! You could make a killing selling those chick.

    Thanks so much for linking up.

    1. Thanks hon, perhaps I'll have to start making them with people's twitter handles on them! x

  3. That is fab, tho I'm a little bit disappointed you didn't choose a rude word now!

  4. Making love with your crochet. How fab! You must teach me - to crochet that is, not how to make love. Think I can just about remember how to do that.

    1. LMAO - I don't think I'm the right person to teach you how to crochet, I crochet like a cacky-fingered old witch and you're a lefty too so that combo would be all kinds of wrong. x


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