Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Land Of Sometimes CD Review

I met Liz from Me And My Shadow for the first time at CyberMummy last year and it turns out that not only do we have heaps in common (I think she put it best by describing us as sisters from different mothers) but we don't actually live too far from one another, anyway we decided to get together a few weeks ago for a crafty sesh an excuse to swear, eat cake and fart about with wire and beads.  During our lovely day together she asked me if I fancied reviewing a kid's CD and I almost bit her arm off.  

You see Missy is not a fan of car journeys and has a tendency, if bored, to vomit so I found myself singing to her pretty much constantly in order to stave off the Vom Fairy every trip, no matter how short or LONG (do you know how many times you can sing the ABC song on the weekly round trip to Sainsbury's?!  Believe me it's a LOT!)  It was driving me insane, until I remembered that I had a bunch of Buster's old nursery rhyme CDs in the loft so I tracked them down and whacked one on in the car the next time we went out on our travels.  For a couple of days it was like a miracle I could actually concentrate on driving letting the CDs do the hard work until I remembered why I was so glad when they'd finally gone into the loft the first time, I think we'd done them to death and although Missy hadn't yet tired of them I had!  I needed new blood and The Land Of Sometimes CD that Liz provided was that blood.
It's an enchanting story CD scattered with songs charting the journey of twins (Alfie and Elise) through a dream-like land where four seasons occur in one day and where they meet lots of different magical characters (each with their own song) along the way.  

I tried it out on a journey during the Easter hols with both kids in the car (so they couldn't escape and I could judge their reactions in an environment with few other distractions) please bear in mind that my kids are 2 and 10 and as such are possibly either a little too young or (think they're) a little too old for this depending on how you look at it but it did keep them quiet for virtually the whole journey and also gave them some common ground to chat about for a change, usually Buster is more interested in talking about Club Penguin to anyone that will listen and Missy's nattering on about her shoes or the colour of things or what she's going to have for her next snack and never the twain shall meet but they had a good old discussion about their favourite characters and songs.  

Each of the songs has its own style from pretty much every genre of music going in order to represent each of the many characters.  Missy's particular favourites were 'The Ditty Of Little Twink' about a mischievious disco dancing fairy that messes up kids' bedrooms while they sleep (although she sings 'Little Twig') and 'Mr Small Than Smaller Small Thing' a tiny character that's smaller than half a baked bean, a fact that Missy has been rather obsessed with ever since!

The CD is beautifully packaged with lots of detailed illustrations of each character in the integral booklet and the songs have a bit of West End stage production feel about them and there's also some internet content for kids on The Land Of Sometimes website which I've yet to explore with Missy but I'm sure I will as I predict that, in her case, this CD will be a grower as she didn't really follow the story side of it too much given her age but it's definitely something I can bring out again and again in the coming years to make those car journeys a little less vom-tastic!

I was provided with a free copy of The Land Of Sometimes for the purposes of this review by Liz at Me And My Shadow (thanks Liz!), if you'd like to purchase one of your own and follow Alife and Elise on their 'mysterious magical musical journey' you can do so (via Amazon) here

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  1. I've managed to hold out on the kids CD front - in the car they get to listen to XFM and like it or lump it!

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