Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Cupcapers - Easter Basket Cupcakes

Well Easter's over and done with for another year and I mentioned in my Cracking Easter Crafts post over the weekend that I'd post more on the Easter Basket Cupcakes I made as they contained a yummy new ingredient that I simply had to tell you about
and this is it, it's Philadelphia soft cheese blended with Cadbury chocolate.  Now I know what you're thinking because I thought the very same thing but it's actually pretty f**king amazing and I had to stop myself from eating it straight out of the tub
Thankfully I managed to resist and had enough left after copious spoonfuls found their way into my mouth my initial tasting to use as a decoration for the cupcakes...ah, yes, the cupcakes...

I made some chocolate chip cupcakes and when they were cooled I piped on the Cadbury Philly around the outer edge to emulate a nest, on top of this I grated on some ready-to-roll icing that I'd coloured green, scattered on some mini chocolate eggs and some teeny weeny chocolate eggs and jammed in a thick jelly lace as the basket handle.

The decoration made these cakes a little ungainly to eat but I managed to push on through some how, just for you guys.

Anyway, just wanted to bring the chocolate cheese to your attention as I think it's a great shortcut as a cake topping and probably a hundred and one other baking/dessert applications. Enjoy!


  1. Chocolate Philly rocks! You have persuaded me to try the tub I've had in the fridge for over a week after eating your delicious cakes x

  2. It sure does, glad to have been of service! x


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