Thursday, 5 April 2012

A Cracking Easter Wreath

I wrote earlier in the year that 2012 was all about the wreath for me, inspired by the Christmas wreath and Gingerbread Man wreath I made back in December I've decided to try and make wreaths for all the seasonal celebrations this year and kicked it all off by making a Valentines wreath out of Love Heart sweets (much to the horror of my readers as I made the massive faux pas of hot glue gunning the sweets together rendering them inedible, I don't like them so who knew I'd offend so many by my rash actions?!)

With Easter just a hop away I decided that I wanted to make something suitably colourful and cheerful to echo the springtime flora that's bursting through everywhere and what could be more fitting than some luridly coloured plastic eggs and a crocheted chick that looks like Yoda's head?
For anyone wanting to recreate such a gorgeous springtime addition monstrosity for their home here's how I made it.  I took a large piece of cardboard and drew round a casserole dish lid and a side plate to get the hoop shape
I purchased 4 bags of 18 mini plastic eggs from Poundland (love cheap craft)
and hot glue gunned two base layers of them (one row pointing into the centre of the ring and one row pointing out) to the cardboard ring (apologies I neglected to take a picture of this stage and I realise now that it was probably the most crucial stage but I think you can get the general idea from the main photo) and finished off with a top layer of eggs glued between the base layers all pointing in the same direction.

I hid the area at the top where the eggs didn't quite meet with a massive yellow bow and a deformed little chick I crocheted and hey presto you have yourself a clucking egg-celent Easter wreath.  Happy Easter!


  1. It's very eyecatching. In a good way :) Happy Easter xxx


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