Sunday, 8 April 2012

Cracking Easter Crafts

Well Easter is almost over so I thought I'd give you a little round up of all the seasonal cakes and makes I've been immersed in these last couple of weeks, first up this deranged little fellow.  I found a lovely pattern for him for free on the internet and made a few of them up.  I turned this one into a brooch as a gift for Liz over at Me And My Shadow's daughter.  We got together a couple of weeks ago for a lovely crafty sesh (more on that later)
and some others I turned into Easter cards for my family
Of course you will have seen my Easter wreath (you'd have to be blind to miss it!)
I did a bit more crochet in the form of this little basket filled with five pastel crocheted eggs, Missy loves them and insists on trying to juggle the eggs at every opportunity
More eggs in baskets, this time in edible form.  I took these little babies along to my crafty hook up with Liz, I'm sure there'll be a separate post on them as they contain a yummy new ingredient that I simply have to shout about
Yet more crochet.  My MIL gave me a great book on crochet flowers and embellishments for Christmas and I made some daffs from it and stuck them onto green drinking straws
And last but by no means least this fabulous Easter nest ring that Liz showed me how to make from a blog post by Sara Ortega (apologies for my pasty chipolata fingers and chipped nail polish)
I hope you've had a wonderful Easter, thankfully mine's not over yet, we enjoyed a lovely brunch hosted by my sister and brother-in-law today
so we're having our Easter with too much chocolate and an Easter egg hunt on Easter Monday.


  1. Wow your ring looks ace.

    Ruby loves her bunny thank so much for it.

    The cakes were delish of course. Once we'd eaten them all, Ruby said "Oh they've all gone. You need to phone your friend and ask her to bring more". Oh to have the social skills of a 4 year old!!

    1. I love the ring, thanks for showing me how and providing my nesting materials.

      Glad Ruby loves her brooch and that she enjoyed the cakes, if they'd survive the local postal service I'd send her some more over.

      Hope you've all had a wonderful Easter. x

  2. Love your Easter wreath. It is beautiful.

  3. Oh my! you are one clever crafty lady - LOVE all your makes x

  4. What gorgeous ideas! The cupcakes are beautiful and I love the daffodils.

    1. Thanks! Mollie Makes have done something very similar to my daffs idea this month, I wonder if they're reading me ;)


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