Thursday, 8 March 2012

Greetings Cards - February

With February at an end and all the greetings cards dished out I can reveal what was sent, first up Mr Right's Valentine's card from moi, a big red crocheted heart with 'you make my heart all warm and fuzzy' suitably mushy for expressing how I feel about my old man
Mr D likes a round of golf so I decided to capitalise on that theme and made this monogrammed golf bag with the sentiment 'you're never too old for clubbing' on the front
Mr D's daughter's birthday is in the same month so I made her a floral cake stand with three cupcakes decorated with gem cherries on a lacy tablecloth for her third birthday 
One of Mr Right's colleagues was celebrating a birthday too, I've been itching to try a cross-stitched card and used the recipient's initial as my inspiration, never again, was far too fiddly and time consuming for such a little project!
Master M turned one so what better for a little boy than a blue rocket ship blasting off 
Mr Right's Mum's turn next, I love a bit of Scrabble letter craft and decided to try out this understated design 
with this as the internal sentiment, I love it's simplicity and have plans to make more of these but hopefully with a twist, if my craft supplier in Hong Kong pulls their finger out!
And finally an old work colleague gave birth to a little girl so I made this little card stamped in purples and pinks with a couple of heart embellishments
That's all for this month!

Linking up with #HandmadeThursday over on White Lily Green, it's her one year anniversary and there's a giveaway too so take a peek!

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  1. Oh I love them all! Particularly Evie's card - that's gorgeous!

    Thank you for linking up honey xxx

    1. Thanks chick, it's a pleasure. Love the linky! x


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