Tuesday, 21 February 2012

What A Load Of Crepe

It's Shrove Tuesday bitches!
I had the foresight to make my pancakes last night as I knew I'd be faffing for ages, you see I've dicking around on Pinterest YET again and saw something called Pancake Lace and I just HAD to try it.

Basically you take your pancake batter, put it into a squeezy bottle and 'draw' out your design onto the hot pan like so
Wait the allotted time and then gently turn
It took a bit of practice
but eventually it became quite addictive
Although I don't really know how tasty they'd be as you can't really fill them as such but they do look quite pretty, needless to say I made a huge batch of the normal variety too
So we can have our annual Right competition to see how many it's humanly possible to stuff into our faces without vomiting
Happy Pancake Day everyone!


  1. Very pretty pancakes. WOuld be a shame to eat them!

    I do similar with my son. We make train pancakes, boats, airplanes and anything else he can think of. It takes a long time before we get to eat the pancakes in our house.

    Madison xxx

    1. That sounds really nice Madison, I'm not sure any of my shapes would be recognizable though, that pancake batter's a tricky medium to work in! x

  2. Oh I saw those lace pancakes too. So pretty.

    I'm crap at pancakes, make me some?

    1. They're pretty but you can't do much with them except look at them (which given the amount I'm prone to consuming is probably a good thing!), I should have slung some normal ones through your letterbox yesterday! x

  3. They are lush!

    I went fir the lazy option of Tesco finest ready made and microwave for 30 seconds!!!! :o(

    I will hang my head in shame x

    1. I would do the same if I didn't hate the taste of shop bought ones so much, pancakes are a bit of a pain in the arse but I LOVE them so and I shall be microwaving mine to heat them through tonight too so no need for head-hanging. Enjoy! x


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