Monday, 20 February 2012

This Week's Junk Shop Jewels

Bit of a mixed bunch this week as far as dead people's stuff goes

First up this cross stitch book, it's been something to try on my to do list for ages and this for 50p seemed like a good starting point for my own designs which is what I'd rather do than a kit
I also got another embroidery hoop to add to my collection for £1.50
Two pink kitsch kitten and puppy bangles for Missy 50p
Two balls of wool for my stash £2.50
This handy box for little bits and pieces £2
A cross stitch greetings card featuring the White Rabbit from Alice In Wonderland, woefully under priced at £1, I love Alice and I thought I could copy the pattern to my own ends
Finally this knock-off (granted a good knock-off but a knock-off nonetheless; believe me I should know!) Louis Vuitton bag, a bit of fun for Missy at £2
Linking up with the fabulous Liz and Magpie Monday over at Me And My Shadow

Me and My Shadow


  1. Oh a very good haul indeed. That's a very good knock off LV. I'm sure Missy will be the envy of all the kids.

    LOL at "dead people's stuff".

    Madison xxx

  2. Oooooh! A very good stash for sure! Been having a little peek around your blog, it is great!

  3. Good haul. Missy will be after the real thing before you know it - you may have slipped up there!

  4. Don't lie that those bangles are for Missy! You know you'll be wearing them.

    Great haul as ever. x

    1. If my man arms would allow it I would defo be nabbing them! x

  5. That is a very nice cross stitch book - all the Jo Verso books are great for designing cards and samplers with a personal touch.

    I also like your other finds, especially the plastic box.

  6. I have a ton of x stitch books if you want to borrow any! Love the bag E will be V jealous x

    1. Cheers chick, didn't know you were into the dark arts too. x


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