Monday, 6 February 2012

This Week's Junk Shop Jewels

Yet another fascinating peek into my charity shopping habits, I know you love it.  Firstly more wool for my stash (yes it is getting enormous now and has spread to three boxes under my bed, I think I might actually be ready to admit I have a problem) £2
A box of mini dominos (shown next to a regular sized domino for comparison) £2.99
Yet another word card game, there was no price on the box so the lady in the shop asked me drop 50p in the collection box, bargain!
Loved the idea of these brooches made from old wooden puzzle pieces, 49p for three plus I'm probably going to steal the idea
Small rectangular glass platter £2.50
And this week's piece de resistance this Lloyd Loom style bedside cabinet for Missy's bedroom £5, stay tuned for the revamp! 
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Me and My Shadow


  1. Obviously all the good stuff in the charity shops is where you live! Amazing finds, i also adore the brooch idea, might have to pinch a few pieces of my sons puzzles to make some :o) Scarlett x

  2. You are indeed my sister from another mother!!

    We have that bedside cabinet for Ruby's room (post re-vamp now).

    I also have a set of Kan-U-Go somewhere. Still got about 10 'craft' boxes to unpack from the move so hoping I'll unearth some treaures!

  3. Looking forward to seeing the revamp of the bedside cabinet!

  4. Great finds look foward to seeing what you do with the cabinet x

  5. Loving the retro cabinet already. I can never resist dominoes or games and I love what you did there.

  6. Love Lloyd Loom style furniture - can't wait to see what you do with it, and you can never have too much wool - I bought another 30 balls at a bootsale recently!

  7. Hey you can never have too much wool!
    I'll stay tuned for the revamp of the cabinet :-)

  8. what lovely finds, love the glass tray, will definitely be back to see how you revamp the bedside cabinet :)

  9. OOO! I look forward to the revamped bedside cabinet. Where you going to put it?

    Madison xxx

  10. So glad I'm not alone in my addiction to wool, thanks for the wonderful comments and if you want to see the revamp it's here

    Liz we are indeed cut from the same cloth! x

  11. Madison, sadly I had to hand the bedside cabinet over to my LO as it was bought for her room and I'd feel too guilty but that's the joy of chazza shopping, you never know when another might turn up so I'll keep looking! x


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