Monday, 13 February 2012

Love Lloyd Loom

Remember this bedside cabinet that I found in a charity shop, they only wanted a fiver for it
it was very grubby but it's made by a company called Spinney, for all intents and purposes Lloyd Loom by another name so I parted with my fiver and hoped I could give it a makeover for Missy's bedroom.  

I've seen Lloyd Loom that I've loved in pink and gold so I decided to freshen up the gold banding (and boy did it need it!) 
and gave the bird shit grey paint a going over in pink
I had intended to remove the stapled on fabric that was covering the little door
and replace it with some Cath Kidston but when I took it off I kind of liked the pattern that was revealed underneath despite its watermarks so I'm going to live with it for a while before I decide what to do, anyway here's the end result.  
Missy is very pleased with it and she keeps all her little bedtime books in it.  
I was sorely tempted to keep it for myself but I suppose that would just be mean.


  1. It looks very glam. I'm not showing Ruby this, she'll not be content with her plain white one now!

    Oh, and I think you'll find seagull shit grey is probably a Farrow & Ball colour ;0)

    1. LMAO, you're probably right re the F & B, I wouldn't put it past them and if they haven't and they see this then it will be in the shops before too long! I'm sure Ruby's is gorgeous. x

  2. wow you've done an amazing refurb on it looks fantastic x


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