Thursday, 2 February 2012

Greetings Cards - January

January is now at an end so I can show you the cards I made and sent to the special peeps in my life for various reasons, first up this one for Mr H's birthday, speaks for itself really, although he's been on a bit of health kick this month so I imagine not sitting on his arse playing computer games so much at the moment - keep up the good work Mr H!
As you may or may not know my Mum turned 60 this month so I made her this card with a crocheted granny square on the front with the sentiment 'you may be 60 but you ain't no granny square'
It was my Dad's 59th birthday the day before my Mum's (they're the same age for one day a year) and he loves a bow tie and has been rocking them for way longer than the current trend so I made him a spinning bow tie card with the sentiment 'making bow ties cool since '53'
Mrs B said she felt like she might be suffering from Seasonal Affective Disporder (SAD) and that she needed some sun, so I made her this card to cheer her up, I'm aware that my use of letters cut from the local newspaper makes it look a touch 'ransom note' but until I decide which papercraft cutter to purchase this will have to do.
Anyway she now has her own sunshine that she can bask in at will.
Finally this month poor Mrs D did her back in, she says she did it reaching for the tv remote (those things should come with a health warning no?!)
Right off to bash out February's offerings.

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  1. OOOh I love them! I particularly heart the s.a.d card, how clever!

    Thanks for linking up lovely xx

  2. Is there nothing you can't make? Fab makes!

  3. They're all kinds of awesome! If I tell you my birthday will you make me one? ;0)

  4. Thanks for the papercraft lovin' ladies, Liz I would defo send you a card for your birthday, so when is it? x

  5. These are all fab, the granny square one is my fave - made me chuckle :o) Scarlett x


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