Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Doing My Business

February's been a funny old month, I was doing the usual, merrily posting about all the odds and sods I prick about making when one post more than any other had a very pleasant knock-on effect for me.  

It was an innocent little post about some hair slides and greetings cards I'd made using some crochet flowers that I'd whipped up as embellishments which I put out into the ether and thought no more about.  Later that day when I was checking the comments I was super flattered to find that the lovely Karen from All About The Boys/The White Approach wanted to purchase some of my cards to sell at Crikey! It's Vintage! in March and the equally wonderful Liz at Me And My Shadow wanted to purchase some of the hair slides for her daughter.
Liz's order
You have to understand that I have been a kept woman for over a decade, the lovely Mr Right goes out every day and works hard to earn the pennies which afford us the luxury of my being a stay at home mum, for which I'm hugely grateful and appreciative.  Anyway as a result I've not earned my own money since 2001 so it was really rather a nice feeling to be paid for something you enjoy doing that doesn't encroach too much on my primary raison d'etre.

Karen is a successful independent business woman with impeccable taste and it's hugely flattering that she asked me to furnish her with a product that she thought might sell, never one to miss a trick and add value to something she suggested that perhaps I could make the crocheted embellishments into a removable brooch for Mother's Day cards.  I'd made a brooch card for my sister's birthday 
so I knew it was possible, had a bit of a play and this is what I came up with.
Karen said it was a goer and requested six (so I made three in purples and three in pinks)
and a further six in yellows for Easter.  
I'm eager to see how the cards do at Crikey! as I'm constantly toying with the idea of opening an Etsy shop to sell some of the crafty bits and bobs I can't seem to stop making but I'm a perpetual ditherer when it comes to this as I'm not confident that anyone would be remotely interested in parting with cash for my stuff so this will be an ideal opportunity to see if there's any mileage in the concept.
Karen's order
PS - I just wanted to add a little thanks to Karen and Liz for their purchases, hugely ego and PayPal coffer boosting, cheers ladies. x

PPS - If anyone else sees anything crafty on my blog that they might like to purchase then please feel free to contact me, this working for a living might be habit forming!


  1. Haha! Our hair slides are GORGEOUS.

    Ruby's been wearing a different one to nursery each day and always gets compliments. I toyed briefly with claiming I'd made then, but no!!

    You are very talented and deserve to earn a few bob out of it :0)

    1. I'm glad Ruby's been getting some use out of them, they're slightly too heavy for my daughter's wispy locks atm. Bless you for not taking the credit, you're far too honest. x

  2. What a lovely post *blushes* I have no doubt at all that they will sell out and I will be back for more : ) Can't wait to receive them .

    1. The did indeed sell, you are a savvy and wise business woman. I bow to your superior knowledge. Thanks again! x

  3. They're lovely Chris - I especially like the cards, great idea. I'm sure Karen will sell out x

    1. Thanks Lakota, Karen sold out before she even got to Crikey! :)

  4. They are lovely, congratulations!

  5. These crocheted goodies are so cute! I love those cherries. Your small business is definitely blooming, and I applaud you for that. =)


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