Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Cupcapers - Cupcakes With A Heart

Last year I made a big cake for Valentines but we've had an abundance of large celebration cakes in the house of late so I thought it was time for some more cupcakes and I spied the idea for this on good old Pinterest.

They're basically some unassuming vanilla cupcakes but these cupcakes have a surprise hidden inside
They have a heart
And here's how you make them

You make up your normal vanilla sponge mix (I made a four egg mix) and divide off a third of it and dye it red.  Spread the red cake mix onto a swiss roll type tray and bake until the edges turn golden.  
Allow the red cake to cool slightly and then using a heart cutter cut 12 hearts out of the sponge.

Fill 12 cupcake cases with a little of the remaining cake batter
Then stand the heart cut-outs in the batter
Use the rest of the cake batter to infill around the sponge hearts 
and bake in the oven until golden brown
I iced my cakes but be careful to remember which way the hearts are facing so they look like hearts when you cut the cupcakes open (I placed a heart sweet facing front to aid the deduction)

Anyway, here's one that's had its heart broken
In retrospect I would have used a smaller heart shape cutter so you could see the effect a bit better but all in all I'm pleased with how these turned out and you're not just limited to heart shapes!


  1. They are beautiful! I wish I could come around for a cuppa and a cake :)

    1. Any time my lovely, you'd be more than welcome. xx

  2. Chris - i like your blog always read it. These cakes look yummy. For valentines i cooked a big pie with a special message on pastry on the top!! Im not sure if it was appreciated as much as cakes though. They look yummy

    dave c

  3. P.s in case you are wondering i did not cook mushy peas with them, did not think they were appropriate for valentines day!!


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