Tuesday, 10 January 2012

What Can You Do With A Box Of Rubbers?

So what can you do with a box of rubbers?

You can make your own ink stamps that's what!

Quite a while ago now Mrs B and I had brief crafty fox hook-up and as we didn't have much time I decided we should make some simple ink stamps from erasers.

I had made a couple of bunting stamps by slicing the rubbers on the ends of pencils into a triangle shape, I'd made a normal size one and a one from a jumbo novelty pencil that wasn't doing much in Buster's room to good effect so thought that the same principle could be applied to normal erasers and so purchased a bumper box from the stationers for a couple of pounds and we set to work.

We drew round the erasers on white paper with a ballpoint pen and drew our design within the boarder (keep it simple!!)

We then pushed the eraser onto the paper design to leave a reverse image on the eraser itself (great for words as they need to be cut out in mirror image)

Then it was on to cutting out the design with a craft knife, quite tricky and a bit fiddly but perseverance paid off and we came up with some good ones between us, here are some of mine

 The devastation


  1. genius!
    I had pinned a couple of tutorials for making your own stamps (I buy way too many) but when I looked it seemed awfully complicated so I didn't even try.
    off to raid the boys pencil cases...
    fee x

  2. Hello there,

    That is flaming genius, reckon even I could have a go at that. Yours do look pretty neat though?

    Just off to read through back posts since I have missed loads!
    Nelly x x

  3. This was dead easy, you just need to make sure you keep it simple, not too much detail and you can pretty much make anything your heart desires. x


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