Monday, 30 January 2012

This Week's Junk Shop Jewels

I went to a weekly vintage market in a nearby town a while back, the BBC were there filming a documentary about market life so I had to look for bargains whilst placating a cold toddler and avoiding a camera crew so bear with me, firstly some old cigarette cards featuring starlets of yesteryear
how glam
I love them
I also got some with proverbs on them
very profound
and deeper still
wise words indeed
a few from the 'nose' collection
a couple from the horse and hound collection
and some to add to my tarot collection
Anyway they were £1.50 all in.

Another stall was selling glassware and china and had these in a box at the front for 50p each
they're Britvic fruit juice glasses and they are now sitting atop my dressing table keeping my Cherry B and Babycham glasses company.

Finally one of the stalls had a box of odds and sods under the table and I always like to have a rifle through as you never know what you might find, in most cases nothing but this time I came up trumps as I found this Lexicon game, the stallholder wanted £1 for it and I couldn't get my money out quick enough, these old letter card games are so great for crafting and go for a song on eBay.
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  1. Some great finds, I would think that some of the cards (the picture ones) may well be worth a fair bit more than you paid for them, and if not the artwork is great, they really don't put as much care into making things these days, not like they used to.

  2. LOVE the movie star cards *swoons in fey manner*.

    Never been lucky enough to find a Lexicon pack yet.

  3. Jumps up and down...I have some of the nose family ones!! I had them framed, no idea where they are tho.
    Love the starlet ones fab!

  4. Jumps up and down...I have some of the nose family ones!! I had them framed, no idea where they are tho.
    Love the starlet ones fab!

  5. LOVE those glasses!
    And I remember when I found a pack of Lexicon in a charity shop and my heart just soared! I have a whole sentence on my wall but still have loads enough to craft with. Such a good find.

  6. I KNOW I had some lexicon cards at one point, I'm wondering if they're still at my parents. Always keep my eyes open though. Fab finds lovely x

  7. I love the glam cigerette cards. My Dad used to collect cigerette cards but the ones that had trains & planes on them.

  8. ah, thanks for all the junk lovin' peeps. The Lexicon or Kan-u-go cards are great and I have found quite a few packs in the last year or so. It was Scrabble games that were evading me for ages but then two came along in as many weeks. :)

  9. Love love love those cigarette cards, they go for quite a bit on ebay, was hunting for some a while back. Good find!


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