Monday, 23 January 2012

This Week's Junk Shop Jewels

New year not so new stuff, first up this game of Scrabble £1, I've been after one of these for months and none have been forthcoming, I need the letters for lots of crafty plans
Christmas ink stamps 50p
Pink metallic embroidery thread £1
Black ink pad 50p
Triple CD of Christmas music £3
A Sci-Fi book which was a Christmas present for Mr Right so alas I can't reveal the price
Sheet music again for crafty projects 60p
Great music hall songs in one of them
My old man...
...said follow the van and don't dilly dally on the way!
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  1. Oh really are some gems there. Love the scrabble and the sheet music the best!
    Must keep an eye out for sheet music, great idea!

  2. The sheet music is great - my Nana used to sing all those songs and they've been passed down. At 2 Ruby could sing 'Daisy Daisy'!

    You have done well my friend *bows*.


  3. Scrabble pieces are great for crafting. In fact i bought some Scrabble cufflinks in the mister's initials as a Christmas present from an etsy shop. he loves them! Bet the sheet music will make some great things too.

  4. You seem to be getting organised for next Christmas, already as well. Great finds.

  5. oooh lots of crafty finds there look foward to seeing what you create x

  6. Nothing like Scrabble letters for a craft project. Nice thrift finds.

  7. wow, some lovely bargains, I love finding just the right crafty bits for my planned projects :)

  8. Excellent haul - sounds like you're going to have fun with it all

    The metallic thread is pretty and tones really nicely with the colour scheme of this blog ;-)

  9. Thanks all, I wish I could buy a good block of crafty time at the chazza shop so I could put all this stuff to the uses that are buzzing round my head atm! x


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