Thursday, 26 January 2012

A Scarf On A Jumbo Scale

Remember this JUMBO ball of wool that I got ages ago, well someone said they'd set straight to work and make a scarf from it, well when I saw it in the shop that's exactly what I thought.  I'd seen a pattern for a beautiful scarf in the same colour and knew I just had to make one so I set about learning how to master it and after a bit of faffing I figured it out
and here's the finished scarf
I just love the fish scale effect of the different leaves
I can't stop looking at it although it was made for my Mum as a Christmas present so
I set to work making another for myself in white and I'm sure there will be a veritable rainbow of scarves in this design to follow it was such an addictive pattern to make up.  I'm so addicted I may have to start selling them as I won't have room for many more!!!! (I have started selling them, check out my Etsy shop)
I've even adapted the pattern and made a shawl style one in pink
queue more staring
it's lovely, even if I do say so myself
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  1. Oh my God, those are amazing! I adore the pattern!

    Fabulous make as always - thank you for linking up :D

  2. They are gorgeous! Love the pink one!

  3. wow they are stunning well done you x i wish i could learn to knit or crochet but im useless at both :@

  4. Gracias chicas! Now the question is should I start selling them or not? x

  5. That's beautiful! What scarf pattern did you use? I love them all! ~Tricia

    1. I'm sure I just googled Crocodile stitch and spotted the image of a scarf in the same colour as the one at the top of this post and the lady that made that published the pattern. I had to look at a few videos on YouTube to get the technique right.


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