Friday, 6 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  I hope you had a fantastic festive season, for me it went a little too quickly but was very relaxing and much needed after our disastrous December, let's hope 2012 has nicer things in store than it's evil bitch of a sister 2011.

I said I'd been relaxing over the last couple of weeks but that's not to say I've been idle, I've been charity shopping, making and baking my wee woolly winter socks off so I'll try and find my blogging mojo (I think it's in the same place as my gym mojo) and bash out some posts to fill you in.

Speaking of the gym, I took Missy to her first unaccompanied class there today and as she's clingy at the moment I was a little worried how she would react so I booked her in for Mini Dance and hoped for the best.  When we arrived I explained to the teacher that she had never been left with someone that wasn't family before and she immediately put me at my ease asking Missy if she wanted a hug and to sit on her lap, to my utter relief and total surprise she said yes and then said goodbye Mummy so off I went. 

I didn't dare go into the gym itself for fear that I would have to be fetched down to console my screaming toddler halfway through my run so I made my way tentatively into the adults only area.  I have been itching to get back in there since I had my daughter two years ago and have been looking at it's calm inviting sofas wistfully from the chaos and filth of the family area.  I even ordered a cup of tea and brought along some crochet, not dreaming for one moment that I'd finish either but finish I did.  It wasn't the relaxing hour I had envisaged as every time a member of staff entered the room I went into a panic but it was an hour to myself nonetheless and I was able to people watch as I waited spotting this man obviously grappling with his New Year's resolutions
He's actually furiously puffing on a cigarette in the garden area of the gym!!  Does he know the meaning of the word irony?

Anyway, after I'd waited the entire hour without being dragged back to the Kids Zone I went off to collect my daughter and she'd had a great time, sadly for me I do know the meaning of irony as Missy was extremely put out that I hadn't booked her onto the Let's Create class following Mini Dance and had a mini melt-down when she realised that she had to come home with me.  Thankfully I had the forethought to bring a packet of Cadbury's Buttons with me and good old fashioned bribery won the day and needless to say I've booked her on BOTH classes next week.  

So after a two year hiatus I may just get my daytime gym sessions back, oh how I've missed them.  The last two 24 months of trying to think of meals that can be reheated so I can eat on my return from the gym and trying to get back from a session at a reasonable time so Mr Right and I can tag-team the childcare of an evening allowing him an adequate amount of time for his session will hopefully be a thing of the past.

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