Friday, 6 January 2012

Greetings Cards - November

I have decided that purchased greetings cards are too expensive and that for my friends and family I could do a better job, save myself some cash and make something more personal.  So when I can from now on I'm going to make my greetings cards and showcase some of them on here, here's my first batch of offerings.

Mr Z was sad that we didn't host our Fireworks Spudtacular this year (too many cakes to make and not enough kitchen space for Mr Spudtacular and his tuber friends to party) so I decided to send him a card featuring our friendly mascot
I posed Mr S in a Ramones t-shirt (which I knew Mr Z would appreciate) and photographed him on a glitzy red background, printed it out and used my Dymo label embosser to print the sentiment.
I then moved on to making some cards for my girly friends, first  up a card for Mrs G, she has a well documented love of all things cake so what else could I use as the theme for her birthday card, I cut out the cake and paper case from pretty papers with a purple theme cutting the cake case shape with pinking shears along the top for the zigzag effect.  Next I glued on a button and typed out the sentiment on my trusty typewriter.
Here's a bunting card for my school friend Mrs T, I cut out triangles from 13 different types of decorative paper, glued them onto the card.  I joined each one with a felt pen line and added 'happy birthday' to the little flags with the same pen.
My college friend Mrs E was next on the list and as she's a master of the mystical art of patchwork I decided to capitalise on this theme and made a patchwork card from lots of brightly coloured bits and bobs from wrapping paper to stamps via origami paper and Amaretti biscuit wrappers, I added a suitably 'witty' haberdashery sentiment both outside 
and in
Lastly, I was going to steer clear of making children's cards as I know they don't really appreciate them and I'm sure they'd much rather have a bought card featuring their favourite characters but I thought what the heck and experimented on a couple of cards for the Z twins 3rd birthday
I cut the names and numbers out of glittery card using some of Buster's stencils (thanks boy!) and stuck them on using some foam spacer tape to give a little bit of depth and punched some star shapes from some green spotty paper and glued them on, simples!

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  1. These look good, the stash I made in my last card making blitz is looking a bit weedy now so I need to make some more, but the boys stole most of my blanks to put stickers on for their lazy Christmas cards. No idea what the potato dude is all about, but I like it!


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