Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Cakey, Cakey! - Crossword Celebration Cake

It's my Mum's 60th birthday today and she wanted to keep it low key (as low key as announcing it on my blog can be!) so we all took her out to a restaurant for lunch at the weekend, my sister decorated the table and wrapped our joint gift so I decided to make the celebration cake.

My Mum loves a crossword so what better way of wishing her a happy 60th than a crossword cake, then we could all wish her Happy Birthday as she's not only my Mum, she's the kids' Nanny and my Dad's wife and this allowed us to incorporate all the salutations beautifully

Happy Birthday Mum! x


  1. That is quite simply brilliant! I love it. Can you do a 'how to'? Did you use those pens you can write on icing with for the grid?

  2. Thanks my lovely, yes I rolled out some ready to roll icing to about 5mm thick, drew out the grid with a food colouring felt pen and coloured in the black squares, allowed it to dry, then I added the numbers, allowed them to dry and finally the letters. I let the whole thing harden for a couple of days and then cut it out and CAREFULLY placed it on the top of the iced cake. It was a bit of a faff as I kept drawing it out wrong (I had an inability to follow my own plans!!) but any normal person wouldn't find it a problem I'm sure. x

  3. That is brilliant, you are so clever1

  4. Hiya Thankyou so much for uploading this. I need to make a cake pretty much the same as this for someone at work. Everytime I use edible pen it allways bleeds into the icing am I using the wrong thing or is it your technique that stops it from bleeding? How did you make the pen to rest on top of the cake? was that out of gumpaste or something? Also what icing did you use to do the grid on because you said it went hard but I didn't think royal or roll icing went hard? If that is the case how do you make it go hard? Also did you roll out the icing first and do the grid and then stick it to the cake after covering the cake in roll icing or did you draw it directly on to the cake? Thankyou so much for your help:) I really look forward to your response:) Lovely cake well done I hope mine comes out nearly as good!!! Amanda xx

    1. Hi

      Sorry it's taken a while to reply but I've had a couple of weeks off, hope I'm not too late in answering your questions.

      I can't say I've had a problem with the pens bleeding, when I did the grid I marked it out with the edge of a ruler so there was a slight groove for the black pen to follow but other than that no bleeding.

      I just made the pen out of more ready to roll icing coloured blue.

      Re the hardening of the ready to roll, I think it was more like it had dried slightly more than hardened so wasn't floppy when I lifted it onto the top of the cake.

      I iced the cake then made the grid on a marble board, decorated it and let it dry out, cut it out and put it on top of the cake.

      Hope this reply answers your questions and that your cake turns out well.



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