Monday, 5 December 2011

This Week's Junk Shop Jewels

More items I've plucked from hell, chiseled the crap off and presented here for your amusement, firstly this lovely teal coloured manual (working!!) typewriter, it came in its own carry case with black and red ribbon, carbon paper (remember that?!) and white-out correction tabs (£10 all in)
Various balls of wool for my stash (2.50)
Mrs D and I visited a vintage sale where a button fairy who seemed to be shitting them overwhelmed with buttons was selling massive bags for £2 each
Green corduroy flat cap (£3)
More wool (£1)
Crochet hook (50p)
Ladybird book (40p)
New Habitat (remember that? *sad face*) magnetic frame (£1)
Mr Right and I visited an antiques shop and they had a box full of old postcards, I loved this one and I've framed it up and put it in our bedroom (£2)
Picture of the postcard framed (for Potty and Cake) x
They also had a box of cigarette cards for 10p each, here's one from the Egyptian series
with the info on the back, you can educate and kill yourself in one foul swoop!
I couldn't resist the three that I found from the Fourtune Telling series
Loved the back of them too, not sure what I'll do with them, perhaps I'll have to revisit the shop periodically and see if I can get the whole collection, any excuse!
And finally this dapper little poodle (99p), he was a bit grubby but I gave him a bath and added a spiffy pink bow and he's sitting proudly atop my bureau.
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  1. Post us a picture of the framed postcard it sounds fab!

  2. Lovely finds. Love the buttons and their price.

    Madison xxx

  3. You do make me laugh, excellent chiseling and plucking ;)
    I particularly like the fortune telling cards, they look great framed. I have some really old happy families cards I keep meaning to frame :)

  4. I'm missing Habitat too - they used to do lots of great stocking fillers at this time of the year.

    Love the buttons and the typewriter. But I'm wondering how big your wool stash must be now with the all the wool you keep buying ;-)

  5. Great coloured typewriter!

    Loook at all those buttons *jealous*.

    It wasn't the fayre at Flitwick by any chance was it? If so it would explain why there was nothing to take my eye by the time I got there!

  6. The typewriter is fab - what a gorgeous colour. You've found a fantastic variety of stuff this week!

  7. Wow you had some great finds this week. I got a very similar typewriter recently at a good as new sale. Fee claimed she needed me to keep it at her house to photograph. Hmmm, you have reminded me to reclaim!
    I love typewriter font!
    Nelly x

  8. Thanks for all the tat appreciation, my wool stash is MASSIVE but I do keep making things so almost as fast as it comes in it goes out again so I'm always looking for more on my chazza shop runs.

    Nelly, go get that typewriter before your sis makes it into something gorgeous to sell!

    Will add a pic of the framed card for Potty and Cake soonest! x

  9. Pic of framed postcard is now up as requested. x


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