Friday, 23 December 2011

Sloe Business

This weekend having finished all our Christmas prep we had a bit of a lazy weekend generally chilling out and avoiding civilization.  There was still a little snow on the ground and we'd also had the first heavy frost of the winter so Mr Right suggested that we take the kids for a hike and go and pick some Sloes as I'd mentioned that I really wanted to make Sloe gin this year.

We pulled on our wellies and wrapped up in hats, scarves and gloves and trudged to the local hedgerow where we've watched the abundant Sloes getting bigger and fatter and juicier throughout the late summer and autumn months.  We knew we were late in the season to be foraging for them but as loads of people had recommended not to pick them until after the first frost we had patiently waited.  When we arrived, on first glance there wasn't a Sloe to be had but after an initial bit of scouting our Super Sloe Spotter Buster found some Blackthorn bushes that still had some berries on.  Thankfully I'd gone on a day when Mr Right was around as his 6ft plus reach was well and truly tested as the only berries that remained were on the upper most branches.
I was a little worried that we wouldn't get enough to make the gin but in the end we gathered a decent amount in my little forager's basket and we headed home
Missy heading home
I sorted and washed the Sloes
and pricked each berry that was going into the gin with a fork
Meanwhile some empty bottles were prepared with 350ml of gin (as you can see not the expensive kind!)
and 150g of sugar
followed by the berries until the bottle was 3/4 full, allowing room for us to shake the ingredients the required amount (every day for a week and then every week for two months - ideally a year but who's gonna wait that long?)
Whilst we were concocting our moonshine we decided to use up some frozen raspberries that were knocking about by bunging them in half a bottle of cheap vodka and adding some sugar, we'll see what happens shall we?  It looks quite pretty and we can always use it as paint stripper if it tastes like meths!


  1. Wow they are still about sloes. Thought I'd missed my window. Going to go on a forage tomorrow now. Thank you :0)

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