Thursday, 8 December 2011

I Am A Crafty Fox

Here is my latest crochet project, it's an homage to my late Great Grandmother who I always remember wearing a real fox stole (please bear in mind she was born in 1901 with Queen Victoria on the throne, when fur was an acceptable, nay desirable fashion accessory and I am in NO WAY condoning wearing such an item today, hence mine being made of wool).

I purchased the pattern from a seller on Etsy and found a suitably foxy shade of wool and set to work, four evenings later this is what I ended up with and I love it.

Now available to purchase from my Etsy shop

And I'm sure my Great Grandmother would love it too, here she is sporting the aforementioned fox with my sister (left) and me (hiding behind the leaves on the right).  I love this photo of us, I think it was taken by a photographer for The Scotsman in Edinburgh's Royal Botanic Garden, my first and last modeling assignment.  He must've spotted my sister and I in our matching kilts with our eccentric looking Great Grandmother and thought there's a photo opportunity if ever I saw one, although he must have been lurking with intent as I remember he had a rake and kept piling the leaves up for us to kick.  My Great Grandmother must have been a game old bird as she was about 80 at the time!
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  1. Just about the best thing I've ever seen, can't believe it only took you four evenings!! I guess by the fact you've published it on here it's not going to be in my swap parcel though :( hehe.

    Wonderful photo of you all kicking the leaves, absolutely love it x

  2. OMG - I LOVE IT!!! This is totally the best idea ever and what a beauty - you are defo a crafty fox ;o) Scarlett x

  3. What a perfect picture!

    Oh I wish we had family photos like that!

    I foxes had done to your chooks what they did to mine, I tell you, you'd happily have them skinned ;0) *waits for the ALF to come down on my like a ton of bricks*.

    Anyhow, great make, I love it!

  4. wow thats a fantastic mr fox!!!

  5. Dammit, wish I could crochet, that's just fabulous! The photograph is amazing, what a fab lady too!

  6. I don't know which I love more, the fox or the photo! That's brilliant, I have a jumper with a mock fox stole knitted into it, but that's even better

  7. That is so cool! Well done you. Love the picture too.

    Madison xxx

  8. Such a cool idea - and what a fabulous photograph!

  9. Great idea! Many thanks for joining in the Weekly Craftiness!

  10. Thanks for all the foxy/photo love everyone! x


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