Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Good Wreath

Mrs B and I had another one of our crafty hook ups, this time the venue was her place as she was going to impart some of her considerable floristry knowledge.

Mr Right and I had been on a walk back in October and the evergreens were beginning to shed their pine cones so we collected as many as we could carry between us as I knew they'd be useful for something I just didn't know quite what, so we stashed them in the shed and thought no more about them for a month or so.

Meanwhile I was catching up on blogging, internet banking and emails dicking around on Pinterest and came across a beautiful front door wreath made out of pine cones and I mentioned it in passing to Mrs B adding that I didn't have the slightest clue of how to begin such an undertaking.  She informed me that she knew just how to do it and indeed she did, here's how it went down
First up we had to construct our hoop and we did this using some sturdy garden wire formed into two separate loops one slightly smaller than the other, we filled in the gap using some brown paper and moss and twisted some thinner wire around the whole thing not only to keep the two hoops and the filling in place but to give us something more to attach our cones to
Mrs B's finished hoop
My hoop
Then we used some florists wire twisted into the bottoms of the cones to prepare our them for fixing onto the hoops
Then it was a case of using the florists wire to attach each pine cone to the hoop and although they didn't look that great at first as we added more and more cones of varying sizes and types our wreaths began to take shape
It was all too much for Macy and she was forced to retire to her bed
Anyway after a bit of jiggery pokery and a lot of swearing here are our finished wreaths
Mrs B went all professional on my ass with the
addition of some ivy foliage, three silver baubles and
some tartan ribbon - gorgeous
I opted to keep mine simple as it was my first attempt
I think it was a wonderful way to spend a December evening and will certainly make my own door wreath in future, it's so simple when someone shows you how, thanks Mrs B you're a Christmas angel. x


  1. I've always fancied a go at making me own wreath but time has run out this year. I shall have to make do with a 'spray' (read: offcuts of my Christmas tree and a bit of holly!)

  2. Liking the spray idea, the fabulous Mrs B who showed me how to make the wreath had a lovely one on her mantle this year that she'd made, she might have to give me a master class on those next Christmas.

    I'm so addicted to wreaths, trying to find a way of having one about the place during all seasons! :)


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