Saturday, 17 December 2011

Faith Hope And Charity Shopping Christmas Blog Swap

The lovely and very brave Lakota hosted a Christmas blog swap over on her fabulous blog Faith, Hope and Charity Shopping which I signed up for this year having jealously read post after post from last year's lucky swappers.

The premise is you sign up, Lakota pairs you up with someone from your country and you send your partner a parcel of goodies in time for Christmas, there are some rules; between 3 and 5 gifts, no more than a £12 spend, at least one item must be sourced from a chazza shop (or similar), at least one item should be handmade and one of the items must be a Christmas decoration.

Anyway I was randomly partnered with Lucy from the blog Tete en l'Air but I don't think Lakota could have got it more right if she'd tried, we have both been learning the art of crochet and love, love, love to make stuff.

Right, so here's what I sent to her, firstly I made a greetings card from a felt tree decoration and the addition of some beads
and a wishing star at the top

Hey presto!
HANDMADE ITEM - I did a spot of crochet in the form of this tried and tested cherry brooch which I love to make
CHARITY SHOP ITEM - This pretty white trio with pink roses (I'm sure a trio counts as one item, yes?!)
CHRISTMAS DECORATION - Glitzy silver birds, I have similar in lots of colours that are perched around my home all year round
MYSTERY ITEM - I decided to include a mystery item, some do-it-yourself paper stars as I know that Lucy likes to make things, I purchased a packet for myself and had a bash, the instructions are not very easy to follow and I had to look on YouTube to find out how to make them properly (sorry Lucy, they may drive you nuts!)
HANDMADE/CHARITY SHOP ITEM - I bought a word card game from a charity shop a while back and decided to frame up an 'L' for Lucy
And finally I thought that although I'd reached the gift limit that there was nothing in the rules to say the packaging couldn't be reused so I covered a shoe box in some cherub wrapping paper thinking that Lucy could use it for something in her home afterwards.
Here's all my stuff ready to be wrapped for the off
and here's what I got in return...

A huge box arrive for me and this is what was in it.

I unwrapped the biggest item first and from its squashy nature I could tell right away it was a cushion and what a cushion, a handmade bunting cushion
Gorgeous and just the thing as I am amassing a collection of pretty cushions for Missy's big girl bed, her room is too small for a bed and a comfy chair so I'm going to get her a day bed and fill it with bolsters and patchwork cushions and this will fit in perfectly!
Next I opened the Christmas decoration, which appealed not only to my arts and craft side but to my sense of humour, it's a turkey dressed for an ice skating session, too cute
In her card Lucy had said that the charity shop item would look ideal on my festive table and she's not wrong
Just look at the little snowflake design
Inside the parcel where a LOT of chocolates, who knew that there were so many festive kinds around at this time of year, I'm so glad that I opted to open my parcel when my kids were asleep as I know I wouldn't have had a look in, yum!
Last and by no means least were these two fabulous crochet granny squares lavender bags
I am sooooo gonna make me some of these little babies, what a marvellous idea!

Huge thanks to Lucy for being such a fab and generous swap partner and to Lakota for organising, Merry Christmas to you both!
You might like to take a visit to Lucy's blog and see the flip side of this swap here or do as I did last year and jealously take a peek at all the other swappers on Lakota's blog here


  1. Oh this is a great idea, what gotgeous things you gave one another!!

  2. - you are both very lucky!!! I love the frame you sent with the L in! and the cushion you received is just tooooooo

  3. I was the jealous one last year so I know how it feels, you'll all just have to hope Lakota is brave enough to organise another next Christmas and jump aboard the train to swapsville. x

  4. Wow - you both did brilliantly, the cherry brooch and skating turkey are particularly inspired!

    (I do follow most people so do vaguely try to match people up where I can) Glad you enjoyed it!

  5. I ADORE what you sent to her- the cherry brooch is gorgeous!!!!!
    How amazing is that bunting pillow too!!!

  6. Thanks Kezzie, the cushion is amazing! :)


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