Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Cupcapers - Burger Me It's Perry!

So the school Christmas fair was last week and in order to attend school that day in non-uniform the kids had to take in either a donation for the tat stall or some cakes for the cake sale, of course I opted for the latter and decided that as Buster is currently all about things Phineas and Ferb that other kids might be too and therefore I made some Perry the Platypus cupcakes
As you can see they were dead simple to make, vanilla cupcakes with some white ready-to-roll icing on the top and a Perry made from more ready-to-roll icing
I also made some of these
Burger me, are those cupcakes?  Why, yes they are!  I made some vanilla sponge cupcakes, removed them from their cases and sliced them in half to make the burger buns.  I also made a chocolate sponge and cut small discs out with a circular cutter to form the burger.  I then cut a square out of some yellow ready-to-roll icing for the cheese, a circle from some red for the tomato and a fluted circle from some green for the lettuce, stuck them all together with some buttercream icing and finished off by scattered some sprinkles on the top for the sesame seeds.
Thanks to Missy for allowing me to use one of her toy plates and some plastic French fries for my photos.

I think the Perry cakes were the most popular among the kids, I personally preferred the burgers but there's no accounting for taste when it comes to brainwashed primary school children.  What do you think?


  1. I love the burgers! Unfamiliar with Perry the Platypus (thank God) but am sure they're very spookily accurate!

  2. The burger cupcakes are genius. Aren't you a clever thing.

    Madison xxx


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