Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Cakey, Cakey! - Herman The German Friendship Cake

Mrs B sent me a cryptic message informing me that she had a German friend called Herman for me to meet and she knocked on my door one dark, stormy evening and thrust a purple box and a piece of paper into my hands, it was, so I discovered the aforementioned Herman.  Herman it turns out is a German friendship cake and he comes with a set of instructions that it transpired would take ten days to carry out, that's a damn long wait for a cake and in his initial state he didn't look that appetizing 
Buster said it looked like liquidised vomit and I was inclined to agree
Anyway, for the first four days you have to stir well and if Herman stops bubbling he's dead
On day five you feed Herman with sugar and flour and milk and then for the following four days you stir him daily and make sure he's still bubbling.

On day nine you add the same ingredients again but this time you divide Herman into four, pass two on to friends (with a set of the instructions), use one to start another Herman (if you so desire) and turn the fourth part with some additional ingredients into your finished Herman cake.  I flavoured mine with ground almonds, sultanas and cherries and despite his ugly duckling start in life he blossomed into a rather tasty bit of stuff.

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